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Maxpedition 10″x 4″ Bottle Kit

Maxpedition Bottle Kit

Maxpedition Bottle KitDuring PWYP VII, I had the opportunity to see and handle Joe (Joezilla) Flowers’ Maxpedition Bottle Kit. I’d seen his pictures on Knife Forums, but I was a little skeptical. As soon as I saw it up close and personal, I knew I had to have one. Lo and behold, my khaki bottle holder arrived safely early last week. I’ve been assembling it into "kit form" ever since.

Here’s the specs on the Bottle Holder as stated by Maxpedition:


  • Main compartment: 10” high x 4” diameter, padded, with drainage grommet
  • Frontal compartment: 6” x 3” x 1.5” with elastic retention
  • PALS attachment webbing: Front and sides
  • Attachment1: D-rings for optional shoulder strap
  • Attachment2: Long Malice clips (sold separately)
  • Attachment3: Keyper quick release hook on back
  • Available colors: Black, OD Green, Khaki, Foliage Green


As of this writing, I’ve equipped by bottle carrier with a pair of Maxpedition 4" tube sheaths, one to hold my Leatherman Skeletool and 1 extra bit holder, the other to hold one of my SureFire LED flashlights. I’ve also added a Maxpedition Barnacle pouch. The sheaths and pouch are secured by malice clips.  The bottle pouch will fit my Guyot Designs stainless water bottle, my Snow Peak Solo titanium cookset, a Snow Peak spork and a folding Swedish Army coffee cup.




To fit all this in, the packing order is as follows:

  1. Lid for the Snow Peak pot
  2. Large Snow Peak potGuyot bottleSmall Snow Peak pot upside down over the top of the bottle
  3. Spork stuffed behind everything listed thus far, and,
  4. The folding Swedish cup sitting on top of everything else.


Bottle Kit ContentsThe frontal compartment contains a cheap $.99 Coglan’s poncho, an Adventure Medical Kits HeetSheet Blanket, and a 25′ hank of milspec 7 strand 550 cord as pictured above.  The Barnacle pouch contains two Witz See-It-Safe containers; one for 1st Aid Supplies, one for personal survival supplies. The Barnacle pouch also contains an AMK/Ritter signal mirror in it’s front flap pocket and an ID card with 2 $20 bills in it’s hidden inner sleeve pocket.  As currently stocked, I think the Max Kit will make a good dayhike and hunting companion. I’m hoping to get ‘er out into the woods soon to see how she stacks up. If I’m right, I have a feeling that this kit will end up being a very expensive proposition (as is shown in Pic #1) .

Other Bottle Kit Components
Other Bottle Kit Components
Poncho, Cord, and Sheet
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