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Maxpedition Introduces New Products!


0250f_inside_885_general0250dfc_1535_generalNot ever sitting still, Maxpedition has just announced several new products to their line of high-quality gear.  Several of these are add-on accessories for exisiting gear, and a few are stand-alone products for different uses.  The first one that I came across and am intrigued by right off the bat is their new 6″x9″ padded pouch.  This appears to be a great way to carry gear that’s a bit more fragile on the trail like binoculars, radio, or other electronic devices, and it looks to be very secure as well.  Complete with MOLLE webbing straps on the back, the pack will be able to attached to your gear in a variety of different ways.

Aside from this pouch, there’s several other new pieces of gear you can check out over at Maxpedition’s site.  Go give them a look!

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