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Maxpedition Ups The Ante At OR Summer Market


ORDay2031aToday, Woods Monkey had the opportunity to be one of the first publications to cover and report on brand new products being offered by Maxpedition.  I know we have a lot of fans of Maxpedition gear, and we have a couple of their newer items for review right now.  But, the stuff that we came across the today has just hit the streets, and we think they’ve got some great new additions to their product line.  First, we’ll start with their refreshes and build the suspense slowly.  A large number of people have purchased and use different models of Maxpeditions Versi-Packs.  Because of that popularity, Maxpedition is expanding the line to include a wide variety of colors.  At the show they already had on display various colors including blue, red, and orange.  When I spoke to Tim Tang of Maxpedition, he said one of the reasons they were doing this was in response to different groups of people that use their gear.  Groups such as fire fighters, EMT’s, rescue workers, and so forth can acquire these packs in order to color code their gear to match with their tasks.  Naturally, red is instantly going to be associated with first aid.  You get the idea. 


ORDay2029aI was told that several more colors will be present in their various packs and will be shipping out very soon.  While the reasoning to make these updates are quite sound, I can also see an additional benefit to including other colors.  While we all love colors like Olive Drab, Coyote Brown and Tactical Black, they don’t fit comfortably into every day, mainstream life—at least not for other people.  By adding the color options, Maxpedition has not only addressed the color coding issue for different equipment, but they’ve also opened the door to a more mainstream marketplace.  Kudos to them.  They’ve got great quality products, and in these new configurations, I’d bet that we’ll be more likely to see them on city streets in the very near future!



But refreshes weren’t the only thing that Maxpedition has been working on in the design room.  They’ve also come out with several new, great looking prouducts that hit several different areas of interest.  First, they now have what they call their Active Shooter’s bag.  It’s basically a small bag that can be worn by the user to gear a handgun and an assortment of gear.  It comes either with MOLLE straps on the front, or you can get the one with the attached magazine pouches instead, like the one shown in the picture.


Next, we got to see Maxpeditions own iteration of a messenger bag.  It’s made of the same quality materials that you’ll find in their other packs, and has the same padded portion like you’ll find on their gear slingers as well.  Those straps are very comfortable, and I think this will make an excellent, daily use “possibles bag” for us woodsy types.


Finally, and probably one of the most interesting items that I saw today was their very compact waterproof map holder.  I tucks away into a very small form factor, but will fold out to the size of the large black model that you see holding the map in the second picture.  For those orienteering enthusiasts, this will make a great addition to the kit.  And, even if you aren’t an enthusiast, it’s a great way to always have a map on hand that’s not cumbersome and doesn’t get in the way of your trail activities when it’s not being used.  It’s a great concept, and we’re looking forward to trying one as soon as they get released.


We will be following up with Maxpedition after the show to get more specific details including specs and pricing, but we had to go with the flow of the show and work with the limited time that we had to talk and look at their new offerings.  But, having used several Maxpedition packs in the past, I’m sure the comfort level and quality are going to be present in these new products just as they have been with past ones.  We’ll work on being able to pass more information on to you in the next few days.



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