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Must-have Camping Tech – Pelican & Etón

While camping or bunking in a cabin this winter and spring, you’ll need specific gear to keep yourself and favorite gadgets safe. That’s where Pelican ( and the Rover ( come in – must-have camping and safety tech for your upcoming outdoor adventures.

Pelican i1015 Case

Pelican cases, like the i1015, i1010 and 1075 are virtually indestructible and will protect a variety of devices such as your phone, camera, fishing/outdoor equipment, e-reader, tablet and more. 
Crushproof, water resistant and dust proof, the i1015 and i1010 allow you to listen to music from your smartphone or iPod while the case is closed, while the 1075 provides rugged protection for your tablets and netbooks.

Choose the 2620 Headsup Lite, a hybrid LED/Xenon hands-free headlamp, for hiking, climbing or an early bird or night owl run.

Weather and the outdoors can be unpredictable, so make sure you’re prepared for any emergency situation. Co-licensed with the American Red Cross, the Rover from Etón Corporation is a safety radio that  provides a radio signal (with NOAA weatherband), LED light source, clock and the ability to charge a cell phone via USB. It also features a much more efficient hand turbine – just one-minute of cranking yields 15 minutes of LED light and/or radio use.

Pelican i1015 Case

Additional safety products in the line include the Axis radio and the Road Torq emergency beacon.

Pelican i1015 Case Pelican i1015 Case

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