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New Benchmade Products, SHOT Show

Well, we posted some pictures yesterday and today from the SHOT Show, and we’ll keep on posting them.  But, we wanted to take a step back and provide you some information about some of the knives that we saw.  Benchmade has come out with some great new designs for 2010 and we’re going to cover several of them here.  The photos in this article are straight from the press disk we received and the info we post here is pulled from their new 2010 catalog.  So, we’re not going to have time to write about and cover every model.  However, we’re going to hit the ones that we think will be the most appealing products for our audience.

755_Pair_NPIa551-101_NPIaThe first of those models is the 755 model folding knife designed by Shane Siebert (right picture).  I saw a picture of it before I got to handle it in person.  I wasn’t sure how taken I would be by it, but when I got to handle it at the Benchmade booth, I was mightily impressed.  This is a real high-tech piece that’s attractive, but also very functional.  It has a 3.4 inch drop point blade made of M390 super steel.  Don’t ask me what that is.  I’ll have to research it later.  But, the mono-lock mechanism and frame is made of titanium with G10 slabs.  It has an ambidextrous thumb-stud opener and fits very well in the hand.  Like Shane’s other work, this thing is built like a tank and the user gets a very reassuring feeling from the build quality and robust construction of its design.  We’re looking forward to trying this one out down the road!


The next one we’re looking at is a bit of a step above than the normal carry model you’ll see out in the woods.  But, there’s more than a few of us that meet up at the campfire and show off our wares and the new 551BK-101 (left picture) will certainly give you some “street cred” out in the woods.  A 3.45 inch CPM-M4 blade is the heart of this model and has a black coating to keep down its profile a bit.  But, that black blade really blends in well with the carbon fiber handles and gives this whole package a very classy look.  If black is the best color for formal wear, then you’re not going to look out of place with this tucked into your tuxedo pants!  The 551BK-101 uses the Axis locking mechanism and the blade weighs in between 60-62 on the hardness scale.  I think this will be a popular design.  The only problem is those folks that get it are going to be very protective and might not let it out of the safe!

790_Pair_NPIa172_Tomahawk_NPIaTheir new 790 Subrosa has quite a bit of sex appeal as well.  Its blade is made of the increasingly common S30V, but that steel is common only in availability–not in performance.  The handle is machined out of titanium with a steel carry clip thrown in to finish off the model.  It has an attractive design integrated into the handle during the machining process, while a little understated it’s very attractive.  The blade length is 3.76 inches which puts it into the category of a great main carry folder for the outdoors or just every day use.  But, the real beauty is under the hood when it comes to the Subrosa.  This folder has their Nitrous assist package included which makes for an effortless deployment of the blade.  This is definitely one we want to play with a bit to see how it performs in the field!

If you’re feeling a little more aggressive in nature than what a folding knife can express, well hold onto your hats.  Benchmade has just announced their new model 172 Tomahawk.  While the name isn’t the flashiest in the world, this is a real meat and potatoes working tool that will also double quite nicely as a defensive weapons.  The Tomahawk is made of 1095 steel with a hardness between 57-60HRC.  The head has a 7.5 inch length with a 3.5 inch edge face.  This is a full tang, one piece construction with G10 scales to give you a nice purchase on the grip.  I played around with this one a bit at the show, and it’s a hefty tool.  It’s not exactly nimble as you would expect a fighting tool to be, but it’s built to be more of a tool than a weapon.  However, it would certainly do the job if needed.  We’ve already asked to have one sent to us to try out in the woods.  I’m sure it’ll pull its weight there just as well as it does when it’s on duty.

As we get these items to test them out, we’ll post more info, specs, and our impressions on how we think they performed.  In the meantime, we’ll go ahead and post some pics of their other new knives here so you can see what else they’ve come out this for the coming year.

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