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New Features and Functionality!


Strictly speaking, this isn’t really an editorial, but since I am the Senior Editor, we’ll just call it that.  We just wanted to let you know that we have integrated some more information and functionality in the profiles area of Woods Monkey.  If you will log into the site, you’ll see a User Menu on the right hand side of the page where you can click on "Your User Details".  Once you do that, you can choose "Edit" to go in and add more information that you’d like to share about yourself.  This information will be used in order to help you find people with common interests.  Another link in the User Menu box will allow you to do that.  For instance, if you want to find hikers to discuss the best trails or to set up an outing, you will be able to choose from a drop down list that will give you the members that have "hiking" marked as one of their interests.  That will be true of all the areas of interest that we have listed.  Did we leave one off?  Let us know!  Our goal is to make the site all-inclusive of all outdoors related activities. (more on next page)

The reason we want to be able to provide these specific lists of members with the same interests is so you can share information, get tips about the best places to go, and to form new friendships with people around the globe.  For instance, if you’re going Hiking in Arizona, you can pick the "Hiking" list and then filter it by people in Arizona.  So, you can then talk to them about the spots you might want to visit while you’re there.  One important thing to remember is that vital information (address, full name (unless it’s your user name), email, etc.) isn’t displayed.  You can communicate with each other via the site until you feel comfortable in providing any additional information.

Also, you can upload your own picture to your profile.  And, you will be able to set up "friendships" with other members (upon mutual consent) that you can keep highlighted in your "User Details" area.  Basically, you’ll be able to bookmark those folks you find interesting.  For instance, if you go to one of the author’s profiles on this site, you will see the list of articles they have written for Woods Monkey.  We will ask that everyone behave themselves and act appropriately in their communictions with each other, and remind everyone that the "connections" are made on a mutual agreement basis and can be revoked by either party at any time.

Part of what we are also adding is the ability to share these articles and stories with your favorite social networking sites where you may have other groups of friends who share similar interests or just might like that particular story.  The profile and community area will continue to grow in its functionality and versatility.  Please feel free to throw out suggestions or ideas that you think would be a good addition or just make it easier for you to use the site.  We also ask that you bear with us as we start ramping up the functionality.  Some things will work great, and some things will soon disappear if they don’t.  We’d like your help and feedback in letting know what those things are.

Until next time, have fun out there!

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