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New Products From Spyderco at SHOT Show

We had a chance to sit down with the folks at Spyderco to see what they’ve come up for this year, and as usual, they’ve come up with some very nice designs.  We covered a couple of them at the OR show back in the summer, but we included them here just in case you didn’t see them yet.  All of the information and photos below are taken directly from the press information provided by Spyderco.


C123TI Sage R.I.L. Titanium

C123TiSageTitanium_BothaSecond up in the Sage Series is the titanium Sage. The Sage Series manifests Spyderco’s three decades of pioneering knife crafting and innovating.  The series reprocesses a similar shaped and sized folder, releasing a new version annually.  Each rendition highlights a locking device or mechanism and credits that mechanism’s inventor.  The first Sage recognized knifemaker Michael Walker’s creation of the LinerLock® with a ball bearing detent method of keeping a folding knife closed.  Sage number two focuses on knifemaking prime mover Chris Reeve’s embellishment of that original Walker LinerLock by his morphing it into his R.I.L. – Reeve Integral Lock. This modification uses the handle scale as the lock’s liner.  With the back portion of the handle doubling as both handle spring and lock, the need for internal liners is dispensed with and the knife can be manufactured lighter and slimmer while staying strong.  The Spear-point shaped CPM-S30V is flat-ground and coalescence of Spyderco’s Caly3 and Native Models in shape and function.  The handle is all screw constructed titanium.  Inside are phosphor bronze washers for smooth open/close.  Silhouette wire clip snugs down deeply in a pocket and adjusts for left/right-hand carry.  Jimping covering the spine and finger choil stop slips and slides.  Overall Length:” (mm) Blade Length:” (mm) Weight: oz (g).  For more information please contact Spyderco at: 820 Spyderco Way Golden, Colorado 80403. Phone: 800-525-7770, Fax: (303) 278-2229, Email:

FB24 Jumpmaster

FB24JumpmasterFixedBladeaA Major in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division contacted Spyderco wanting to chat. His division was sourcing a better knife for their Jumpmasters and we offered to design one for them.  More than a few of their crew already carry Spydercos and were familiar with and wanted Spyderco’s  serrations and manufacturing quality standards on their knife.  When jumping out of a plane, airborne servicemen do so attached to a static line, jumping one per second with a Jumpmaster insuring they get out and clear.  If someone doesn’t clear because of equipment failure or just poor luck, the Jumpmaster’s ready with a reliable cutting tool.  Once clear of the aircraft jumpers may still need a reliable quick-cutting blade.  The Army’s 82nd Airborne set out what they wanted and complied making the Spyderco Jumpmaster fixed blade.  Their wish list included wanting a rust-proof hollow-ground H-1 blade with a profile somewhere between a Hawkbill and a Sheepfoot.  Hawkbill blades excel at downward pulling cuts while Sheepfoot blades offer no pointed tip for accidently puncturing.  The blade comes fully serrated with a thumbnail portion, at the end, left non-serrated for tip work.  To keep the knife firmly in hand yet light and easily maneuverable, the handle is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) Bi-Directionally Textured® and is skeletonized reducing even more weight.  The blade carries solidly in an injection molded polymer sheath that’s curved, designed to carry against the body or calf without flaring or hard spots.  A G-clip on the sheath offers multiple attachment options and a lanyard hole in both the blade and handle are for additional back-up attachment.  Overall Length: 9-5/16” (237mm) Blade Length: 4-1/2” (114mm) Weight: 5.37oz (152g).  For more information please contact Spyderco at: 820 Spyderco Way Golden, Colorado 80403. Phone: 800-525-7770, Fax: (303) 278-2229, Email:

C137P Honeybee

C137HoneyBeeSLIPITaAlways up for something atypical and innovative, the latest from Spyderco is a group of knives called micro-sized SLIPITs.  By definition SLIPITS are Spyderco’s non-locking, one-hand open folding knives.  Their non-locking aspect classifies them as carry-friendly in many parts of the world which are legally restrictive or not very pocketknife friendly.  Micro-sized, means they’re small. We mean really small.  The HoneyBee is the second folder in the micro-SLIPIT fraternity and a small step-up, size-wise, from the previously released Bug.  Its tiny blade reaches one-and-a-half inches long yet is all business when it comes to cutting.  Available with a PlainEdge the Cr13 stainless steel blade stays open when cutting, held open by resistant pressure at the knife’s pivot area.  HoneyBee handles are chamfered so there are no squared-off edges digging or biting into a gripping hand.  The handle is also stainless steel with a laser engraved Spyderco bug and enough blank area for a small amount of engraving or customization as jewelry or a gift item.  Handle lanyard-hole welcomes a chain for wear around a neck or a keychain.  Overall: 3-5/8” 92mm.  Blade length: 1-5/8” 41mm.  Weight: .56oz 15g.  Made in China.  For more information please contact Spyderco: P.O. Box 800, Dept____. Golden, Colorado 80402-0800. Phone: 800-525-7770, Fax: (303) 278-2229, 

C136 Persistence

C136Persistence_BothaDepending whom you ask, Persistence means different things to different people.  It means continuing without veering off course or changing function or structure.   It describes ongoing existence regardless of interference or challenges.  Some even say persistent personalities experience déjà vu more frequently due to their repetitive drive.  We thought it a great name for a knife as it also means steadfastness and never-give-up-attitude.  Spyderco’s C136 Persistence is the smaller version of the Tenacious Model, another reliable descriptive of human nature.  We milled the black G-10 laminate handle with prolonged fatigue-free cutting in mind.  Comfort in hand means easier use long-term.  Skeletonized steel liners tucked inside the handle, increase the handle’s rigidity and strength level without adding non-functional weight or bulkiness.  The 8Cr13MoV stainless blade is a modified skinning-style, ground-flat.  Careful positioning of the oversized Spyderco Round Hole, relative to the location of the pivot, pre-set the hand in just the right spot for fumble-free one-hand blade open/close.  Fully sharpened edge from tip to tang generates the most cutting edge possible for the blade’s length.  A 4-way pocket clip lets the folder set tip-up/tip-down left-hand/right-hand.  Walker Linerlock has a jimped liner.  Screw together construction.  Overall length: 6-13/16” (173mm).  Blade length: 2-3/4” (70mm).  Weight: 3.3oz (102g).  For more information please contact Spyderco at: 820 Spyderco Way Golden, Colorado 80403. Phone: 800-525-7770, Fax: (303) 278-2229, Email:

C134 Gayle Bradley CLIPIT

C134GayleBradleyFolder_Both_PPPaTexan Gayle Bradley started making custom knives in 1988, joined The American Knifemakers Guild and produces handmade folders and fixed-blades.  Customers discovered him and his reputation mushroomed, tagging him as a knifemaker who focused on building exceptional knives for hard-use.  Then Gayle won a World Cutting Competition expanding his reputation further by claiming his title with a fixed-blade that plowed through everything including eleven-inches of hanging rope.  Bradley knives aren’t for fingernail cleaners or showmen but for use down on the ground – getting gritty and dirty.  His first collaboration with a production company we’re glad to say is with Spyderco.  The C134 Gayle Bradley Folder pulls together his reputational forte; anteing up a hard-use folder design to which Spyderco added an exotic and premium blade steel and an unexpected touch of gentrification.  The blade is hollow-ground satin finished Crucible Steel CPM-M4.  Originally M4 made its good name as a tool steel with high resistance to impact.  Crucible’s version incorporates their CPM-powdered metal manufacturing process with M4 creating a superfine, consistent steel-grain structure heightening its’ already impressive impact resistance even more.  Its modified drop-point blade also has a weight-reducing swedge located at the spine.  The handle is twill carbon fiber with a Michael Walker LinerLock® for safe, secure lock up while adding a refined, gentlemanly appearance.  Inside are two full-length skeletonized internal liners adding rigidity to the handle that has screw- together construction for adjustments or cleaning.  A four-way hourglass clip lets you choose to carry the folder; tip-up/tip-down, left/right handed.  Overall: 8-5/64” 205mm.  Blade length: 3-7/16” 87mm.  Weight: 5.3oz 150g. For more information please contact Spyderco: P.O. Box 800, Dept____. Golden, Colorado 80402-0800. Phone: 800-525-7770, Fax: (303) 278-2229,

C133P Bug

C133BugSLIPITaAerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly but someone forgot to tell the bee that.  It defies both nature and expectations that something that small performs such a grand maneuver.  Like bumblebees, Spyderco Bugs perform unexpectedly.  The smallest folder in Spyderco’s 2009 lineup, Bugs are just 2-7/8” (73mm) long opened, and closed measure 1-5/8” (41mm).  Blade length is 1-5/16” (33mm) and they weigh only .4oz (12g).  Bugs are part of the SLIPIT group   Spyderco started offering last year, filling the smallest seat in an expanding selection of non-locking slip-joint knives. They have no locking mechanism holding the blade open, relying instead on resistant pressure at the pivot area when the blade is extended and being used.  Their blades are 3Cr13Mov steel and available with a PlainEdge.  The Bug’s handle offers a flat surface for a small amount of engraving or embellishment and can be customized for use as jewelry or a gift item.  Positioned on the end of the handle is a lanyard hole large enough to thread with a chain and worn around the neck or slipped onto a keychain.  Made in China.  For more information please contact Spyderco: P.O. Box 800, Dept____. Golden, Colorado 80402-0800. Phone: 800-525-7770, Fax: (303) 278-2229, 

C132 Chokwe

C132Chokwe_BothaKnives as essential tools exist in every culture on earth.  Their shape and style dictated by their people’s needs be those agricultural, spiritual or self preserving.  Certainly ethnic styles of cutlery have been lost to history but many designs are still today used and revered in their respective countries.  Taking those individual designs and adding a “Spyderco touch” is the core of Spyderco’s Ethnic Series folders and most recently the C132 Spyderco Chokwe.  Chokwe people live in the Zambia/Democratic Republic of Congo region of Central Africa.  Primarily agricultural, they are gatherers, fishermen and hunters.  Highly positioned in Chokwe society are blacksmiths who craft fixed blade knives for daily use in feeding, harvesting and protecting their communities.  Our Chokwe folder is patterned off a historic fixed-blade, keeping true to the triangular shaped blade and coffin-shaped handle.  The blade is CMP-S30V blade steel and ground flat in a symphony of cutting performance.  The handle is black G-10 with bored out handle holes reducing overall weight and making through holes for attachment to a longer handle or pole, think spear!  Full length internal liner reinforces the locking device, a Chris Reeve style integral lock.  Metal hourglass clip carries the knife tucked in a pocket tip-down right hand carry.  Nothing on the modern market is like it.  It may look modern and streamlined but the original design is hundreds if not thousands of years old.  Necessity generates function.  In the knife world that can happen in central Africa a few hundred years ago.  It can also happen in Golden, Colorado in 2009.  Overall length: 8” (203mm).  Blade length 3-3/8” (86mm).  Weight 5oz (143g).  For more information please contact Spyderco: P.O. Box 800, Dept____. Golden, Colorado 80402-0800. Phone: 800-525-7770, Fax: (303) 278-2229, 

C131 Bob Terzuola SLIPIT

C131CFBobTerzuolaSLIPITaYou see interesting knives and equally interesting people when walking the aisles of a knife show.  Small by business standards and specialized in nature, the cutlery industry has names everyone knows.  One is Bob Terzuola, we call him Bob T.  Bob’s made handmade knives since the 1970s, has collaborated with the top production companies and acknowledged as the founder of tactical knifemaking.  In our small industry he’s rock star.  His designs are clean, militaristic, finely polished and perceived as having a high-level of performance and physical appearance.  His fourth collaboration with Spyderco is the Bob T SLIPIT.  SLIPITS are a new benchmark in knives, non-locking one-hand open folders with pocket clips.   Bob T’s SLIPIT has a CMP-S30V modified Wharncliff blade that to close must overcome the resistance of a small ball bearing.  Bob calls this a Ball Joint non-locking system; he’s developed and refined on many custom pieces for close to a decade.  The Ball Joint also half-stops the blade when closing for safety.   Behind the cutting edge he placed a finger choil/guard keeping the index finger away from the open blade and keeping the blade from closing on the hand when cutting.  He also made the blade under three inches keeping it legal in most jurisdictions and countries (England and Germany to name a couple) for carry anywhere.  Carbon fiber handle and backspacer make this carry friendly SLIPIT both hi-tech and luxurious.  Left/right pocket clip is nested in its’ mounting and won’t pivot or loosen.  A folded leather lanyard comes with it, tied off with a silver crimp. Overall length: 7’ (177mm).  Blade length: 3” (76mm).  Weight: 2.5oz (70g).  For more information please contact Spyderco: P.O. Box 800, Dept____. Golden, Colorado 80402-0800. Phone: 800-525-7770, Fax: (303) 278-2229, 

Spyderco C101 Manix2 86mm

C101Manix2_BothaA recipe for folding knife success: Start with hard-use rated lock.  Add a blade made of exotic high carbon steel.  Manufacture it in Golden, Colorado using precise tolerances then add a healthy dash of American innovation.  These ingredients are the Manix2, a concoction of solo features when combined make one of the strongest knives from Spyderco to date.  Patented by Spyderco, the Manix2 has a Ball Bearing Lock.  It’s a hardened free-floating ball bearing contained in a custom hi-tech polymer cage.  The round ball bearing allows the lock to self adjust across a large surface, smoothly and consistently locking-up with solid confidence.  Evolving over time, the Ball Bearing Lock’s strength withstands hard work with a secure, versatile and comfortable grip.  Ergonomics are peerless in this design.  The blade is 154CM and hollow-ground with aggressive thumb serrations (jimping) above a super sized 14mm Spyderco Round Hole.  The Jimping doesn’t stop there.  With full steel liners the scales have jimping that extends beyond the G-10 handle scales scalloping areas of the handle’s perimeter.  This one is not slipping out of your hand and works well with gloves on!  The liners pull double purpose by adding rigidly and lightweight strength to the handle. A three-screw clip is left/right-hand carry, positioned for comfort and deep pocket carry.  The knife also has a large lanyard pipe to protect various types of cords or thongs.  Overall Length: 8” 203mm, Blade length: 3-3/8” 86mm, Weight: 5oz 143g.  For more information please contact Spyderco at: 820 Spyderco Way Golden, Colorado 80403. Phone: 800-525-7770 – Fax: (303) 278-2229 – Email:

Spyderco C94 UK Penknife Lightweight

C94MRUKPenKnifeLeafShapeMAROONFRN_Both_PPPa“We want variety!”  It’s an often heard sentiment from knife customers and is why Spyderco offers several bestsellers with different handle options.  Knife nuts wanting the lightest-weight folders available, gravitate to FRN or fiberglass reinforced nylon handles.  Ultra-light FRN is warp resistant, shuns chemicals, and isn’t affected by temperature extremes.  Spyderco’s non-locking, one-hand open, clip carry folders are called SLIPITS.  Starting in 2004, Spyderco launched a folding knife model called the UK Penknife, targeted for carry in the United Kingdom where newly imposed legal restrictions forbade folding knives with locking blades.  As the SLIPIT concept gains momentum Spyderco keeps expanding the line with folders in varying sizes, steels and handles.  Newly added are Lightweight SLIPITS.  Lightweight UK Penknife blades are held open by a notched-joint at the knife’s pivot.  When closing the blade the notch produces resistance functionally similar to traditional slip-joint penknives.  Heightening control and comfort, Spyderco designers added a deep finger choil positioning the index finger on the bottom of the blade directly under the thumb.  This lets you choke up near the cutting edge with comfort and dexterity.  A tension-wire clip carries the folder deeply in a pocket, tip-up and ambidextrously.  How is this for variety- the Lightweight Penknife comes with a GIN-1 drop-point or leaf-shaped blade (both hollow-ground) in three edge configuration choices, PlainEdge, SpyderEdge and CombinationEdg.  Also pick your preference of a blue, gray or maroon FRN handle.  A UK Lightweight Rescue is also available with a safety-orange FRN handle and fully Spyderedged blade.  Overall length open: 6-15/16” (175mm).  Cutting edge length: 2-9/26” (65mm).  Weight: 1.9oz (54g).  Made in Golden, Colorado, U.S.A. Earth.  For additional information please contact Spyderco at: 820 Spyderco Way Golden, Colorado 80403. Phone: 800-525-7770 – Fax: (303) 278-2229 – Email:

C36TI Ti-Mil Military Model with Titanium Handle

C36TiMilMilitaryTitanium_Both_PPPaNo single Spyderco folder lends itself better to innovation and variation than the Military Model.  Production launched in the 1990s lighting the fuse for Spyderco to produce a decade-long parade of different renditions using upgraded blade steels, handle colors and materials.  Call it Spyderco’s poster child for their commitment to C.Q.I. – Constant Quality Improvement, but the Millie is one of the most enduring designs ever produced.  Next is the Ti-Mi.  A traditional Military Model in every way, it has a titanium handle and a R.I.L. – Reeve Integral Lock.  Knifemaker Chris Reeve is lauded for modifying the classic original Walker LinerLock® design.  He morphed it so the handle scale acts as the lock’s liner.  With the back portion of the handle doubling as both handle spring and lock, there’s no need for additional internal liners allowing the knife to be manufactured lighter, slimmer and stronger.  The ultra-light titanium handle is chamfered around the edges for comfort in-hand and the lock’s liner is jimped.  Its CPM-S30V PlainEdge flat–ground blade has an oversized blade hole supporting positive one-hand deployment, even while wearing gloves.  Choil and spine jimping generate tactical resistance keeping the knife from slipping forward or backward in the hand while sawing or making tough or aggressive cuts.  Open handle construction makes maintenance and cleaning easier by allowing debris inside the handle to be flushed or blown out, ensuring reliable performance even in the dirtiest, harshest environments.  The Ti-Mil is available in limited quantities.  Made in Golden, Colorado.  Overall Length: 9-1/2” (241mm) Blade 4” (102mm).  Weight: 5.9oz (167g).  For additional information please contact Spyderco at: 820 Spyderco Way Golden, Colorado 80403. Phone: 800-525-7770, Fax: (303) 278-2229, Email:

C36 Military Model Left Hand Version

C36LHLeftHandMilitaryModel_Both_PPPaRoughly ten percent of the population is left-handed with most left-handers exhibiting some level of ambidexterity, necessitated from living in a right-hand dominated world.  Spyderco has not before released a dedicated left-handed configuration of our Military Model folder.  It is a cornerstone in our Save and Serve line-up and we’re offering a limited number of left-handed Military Models available in the fourth quarter of 2009.  Our Millie started as a personal endeavor then grew into a proving-ground for innovation and variation.  The idea sprouted legs when someone asked Spyderco’s owner “What knife would you send with your son or daughter if they were deployed?”  His answer resulted in the Military Model which has a CMP-S30V modified clip-point blade and glove-ready 14mm oversized Spyderco Round Hole. Jumping above the hole secures the thumb in contact with the blade’s spine for control over the cutting edge.  G-10 handle has a nested (inlayed) LinerLock® stepping-up lock strength without bulky liners. Scale spacers running the length of the handle exposes the folder’s inner workings for visual inspection and cleaning.  Flares on both ends of the handle keep the hand steadily engaged with no forward or backward slipping if you’re sawing or aggressively cutting.  We topped it off with a curved metal clip position for dedicated left-hand tip-down carry.  Made in Golden, Colorado U.S.A. Earth Overall Length: 9-1/2” (241mm) Blade Length: 4” (102mm) Weight: 4.25oz (120g).  For more information please contact Spyderco at: 820 Spyderco Way Golden, Colorado 80403. Phone: 800-525-7770, Fax: (303) 278-2229, Email:

FB25 Warrior

FB25WarriorFixedBladeaThe Warrior fixed-blade is one of the world’s most intriguing combat knives.  Based largely on the groundbreaking research of close-combat icon Michael Echanis, the original Warrior was a radical design intended primarily for use with reverse-grip tactics inspired by the Korean martial art of HwaRangDo.  Produced in limited quantities by the late Al Mar and later resurrected by the martial artist Bob Taylor and Echanis contemporary Randy Wanner, it is one of the most coveted combat knives ever made.  The Spyderco Warrior faithfully retains all the salient features of the original, while adding a number of performance enhancements.  Its revitalization happened at the request of Spyderco Israeli customer Guy Rafaeli.  Ground from rust-free austenitic H-1 Steel, it possesses the same differential hardness properties of a clay-tempered Samurai sword, giving it extreme cutting power and shock resistance. Its full-tang construction and textured handle scales provide a superior grip and edge orientation, maximizing the knife’s effectiveness when employed with its signature tactics.  Overall Length: 10-5/8” (269mm).  Primary Cutting Edge Length (belly): 5-5/32 (131mm).  Secondary Cutting Edge Length (spine):  2-3/4” (70mm).  Weight: 8.2 oz (232g). For more information please contact Spyderco at: 820 Spyderco Way Golden, Colorado 80403. Phone: 800-525-7770, Fax: (303) 278-2229, Email:

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