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As a follow-up to our Aqua Survival Kit review, we contacted Ultimate Survival Technologies about some specific information about their WetFire Tinder cubes which we updated in the review.  We were also able to get some more specific information about their new BASE Kit which is due out this spring.  The BASE Kit is a scaled down survival kit that’s lighter and even easier to pocket than the Aqua Survival Kit!  The main difference between it and the Aqua Survival Kit or the Deluxe Survival Kit is the lack of the SaberCut Saw which constituted the largest amount of bulk in those two kits.  While we like the quality of the Sabercut Saw and enjoyed using it in the field, it’s not the most important piece of gear in the kit.  Another minor difference is that UST will be using their Sparkie fire starter for the kit rather than the larger BlastMatch.  The changes with the SaberCut Saw and the different fire starter allow UST to put together a much smaller kit that weighs only 2.8 ounces!  The contents of the BASE Kit are as follows:

  • Sparkie™ Mini One-Handed Fire Starter
  •  WetFire™ All-Weather Fire Starting Tinder
  • StarFlash® Signal Mirror
  • JetScream™ Emergency Whistle
  • Waterproof Storage Bag (ALOKSAK)


So, within this kit, you’ve still got all the essentials for making it in the wild.  You’ve got firestarting materials and signaling devices to help get found–all contained in a rugged, waterproof pouch that will protect its contents from the elements.

An interesting new piece of information comes about as a result of the development of the BASE Kit.  The storage bag is called their ALOKSAK which provides improved performance over the current Aqua Survival Kit storage bag.  Rather than being waterproof to 15 feet, the ALOKSAK is actually waterproof to 200 feet because of its new design.  Later this summer, UST will be using that same technology for their Aqua Survival Kit making it waterproof to 200 feet as well.  However, the BASE Kit will be the first kit out using that technology.

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