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Nightblaster! The Surefire G2 LED Version

For many months, I pestered the fine folks at SureFire to make their awesome and highly affordable G2 in an LED format. Lo and behold, the day before I left for WAR 2007, I received a brand new SureFire G2 LED…

  • Here’s the G2 LED Specs as stated by SureFire:
  • Max Output: 80 Lumens
  • Runtime: 12 Hours
  • Length: 5.14 inches
  • Weight: 4.10 ounces
  • Battery: Two 123A lithiums
  • MSRP: $65 USD

On receipt inspection revealed SureFire’s typical excellence in production and QC – fit and finish is perfect. I had to wait for hours to darkness for the initial testing and the wait seemingly took forever. Fortunately, I had packing for WAR to keep me busy until darkness fell.  I took the G2 LED, rated at 80 lumens outside with my E2L which is rated at 45 lumens. The E2L, is a powerhouse in it’s own right. I had to see if the G2 LED really outshined known performance by that much.  I was amazed. I can only report that the G2 LED is like holding a night sun in your hand. The light that it throws out is incredible. Where the E2L allows me to see my neighbor’s houses very well, the G2 LED lit them up like high noon on a sunny day. The G2 LED throws a blinding center spot with a very bright side spill. Needless to say, the G2 got packed for the trip to WAR.

The participants at WAR all seemed very impressed with the G2 LED’s performance. When shone vs. a standard incandescent G2, the older model paled in comparison. The LED version had far better throw and a very much whiter light.  Using the G2 LED to navigate a trail was no problem. Using it in my tent at close quarters was a bit of a problem – it was blinding – almost as if you’d seen a nuclear blast flash. As such, I’m sure that using the G2 LED as a distractionary device in conjunction with a weapon system would have more than some merit.

I took the G2 LED to work with me for building fire inspections several times last week, too. It’s performance was incredible! Inspecting dark warehouses and basements is easy work with the G2. The G2 LED has been used for about 6 hours in total, thus far, and I’ve not noticed any decline in the level of light output. It seems very well regulated. It also seems pretty tough. It’s seen some use in the rain and has been dropped a couple times. One drop was down three steel stairs at a local warehouse. No harm done at all to the G2 and it still works fine.

The G2 LED has earned a place of honor – it rides with me daily as part of my Timbuk2 Metro bag loadout. As such, the G2 LED is within easy access daily and will be carried during any woodland adventures come up. It’s a great light…

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