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Now, They Want Your Pocket Knives.


woodsmonkeyico85x85You know, we try really hard to keep Woods Monkey fun for the audience members, and we try to keep the politics out–most of the time.  But, we’re at a crossroads right now, once again, where we need you to speak out about your rights as an outdoors person and as an American citizen.  Recently, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency put forth a proposal that will have profound effects throughout our great country.  No, it’s not about guns this time.  They are attempting to re-define certain types and styles of knives that are available for importation, and as a result, reshape the entire market for common pocket knives.

On the surface level, they are talking about which knives should be categorized as “switchblades”, but when you dig further into the information, you’ll find much more.  It seems that they are trying to target any type of knife that can be opened with one hand.  No, not a push-button switchblade, but knives with studs on the blade or opening holes that assist with opening a folder.  If you think about it, the vast majority of knives today, have some sort of device or functionality that allows you to deploy it one handed.  But, they aren’t switchblades.  These are your common, ordinary knives used by outdoors folks all around the globe.

The CBP has only given a short amount of time for the public to speak up, and that time is drawing short.  We have approximately ten more days to be heard on this issue.  We won’t go into all the specific here, but there is much better and more detailed information in the article over at Knife Rights.  We strongly encourage you to visit Knife Rights to become informed about this looming change on the horizon.  We also encourage you to contact the CBP and your representatives in the federal government.  Though this proposal is cited as for “importation” restrictions, policies such as these by the CBP have been used in the past for the federal and state governments to make and enforce their own laws, lacking any other way to come by that information.

Act now to help keep one of our fundamental freedoms in place.  This isn’t a freedom that’s just specific to the United States or just the past couple of hundred years.  This is a freedom that has been in place since the dawn of mankind–one of the few that we have left.

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