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Not Your Father’s Stanley!

nineteen13Unbreakableanineteen13StaraMy father was never really incined towards new technology, and he had a bit of trouble adjusting to change, but he was ahead of his time in some ways.  I remember the years of my childhood when I would watch him go through his morning routine of getting ready for work.  One of the preparations he made during that routine was getting coffee ready to go in his already years old, metal Stanley thermos.  He had an affection for that thermos that I never really understood until years later when I became an adult and started accumulating my own quality gear.  He even went so far to make his own handle for that Stanley thermos which was a piece of copper tuping bent into the shape of a handle and then fastened to the thermos with two metal band clamps.  Yes, there were other thermoses out at that time with handles, but he wanted his to be as industructable as the thermos itself.

Well, Stanley has kept that tradition of quality alive and then some.  They’ve made the same kinds of quality products that can be used by every day folks for their job as a salesman, secretary, and yes, even a sheetmetal worker.  But, in the years since, Stanley has broadened the array of products they offer, and they’ve introduced a new product this year that’s tugging at my own heart–not only for its appeal, but for its purpose as well.

nineteen13SkullaDue to start shipping this fall is Stanley’s new 8 ounce nineteen13 Flask.  It’s constructed of single-wall stainless steel and it’s just the trick for those folks who are at the tailgate party or for that guy sitting by his campfire in his favorite backwoods spot.  Now, for me, I would have this on hand filled with my favorite spirit purely for medicinal purposes on the trail.  You know, as a pain killer, anesthetic, and so forth…Anywho, this looks to be a nice addition to Stanley’s outdoor line and a way to keep things from getting boring at camp.

Straight from Stanley’s press release:

Stanley nineteen13
Flask | 8oz

A straight shooter.
Features and Benefits
• Stainless steel single wall design. 100-proof
strength. No chaser.
• Wide mouth opening. Slam back a real shot.
• Stealth profile. Sneak it inside.
• Leak-proof. Lock in every last ounce.
• Engravable base. For wingmen worth a toast.
Buying Details
MSRP: $19.99
Available Fall 2009 at retailers nationwide and
online at

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