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Olight S15 Baton

Flashlights for every day carry have become more popular in recent years. They are an extremely useful tool that has found its way into many professions as well as with people who practice outdoor survival skills. The key features of every day carry flashlights are their small size and variety of functions. The Olight S15 Baton is a great example of an everyday carry flashlight. I was really impressed with its features, brightness and ease of carry.


Olight’s S15 Baton is made from aircraft grade aluminum that has been anodized in black. The S15 Baton measures 3.4 inches in length, is almost an inch in diameter and weighs only 1.62 ounces without batteries.  The S15 has a multi function switch that can be cycled through four levels of brightness from .5 lumens to a maximum of 280 lumens. It also includes a strobe light function. The S15 Baton uses a CREE XM-L2 LED that is powered by one AA or 14500 battery. This is a nice feature that allows you to utilize commonly available batteries.  According to Olight’s technical specifications one battery will provide 45 minutes of continuous light at 280 Lumens. I did not use a 14500 battery nor have I needed to replace the AA battery that I put in for testing.


The S15 Baton has a number of other cool features that make this light stand out from the competition. First is that the light can utilize up to two extended tubes which allow you to install two additional batteries that extend the burn time of the light. To accomplish this extension all you have to do is unscrew the butt cap and then screw on one or two extended tubes, insert more batteries and reinstall the butt cap.  The second feature that really impressed me is the memory function that will remember what you power level you last used when you turn it on. In addition, you can lock out the control to prevent accidental activation.  All of these modes are accessed through one button.  This is definitely a flashlight that I would encourage reading the instructions as well as keeping handy should you need to reference. I honestly can’t remember needing a set of instructions for a flashlight but in this case they are useful and necessary. The third feature that is really neat is the magnet in the butt cap for attaching to metal surfaces.  Lastly the S15 Baton is waterproof to 6.6 feet as well as drop resistant to the same height.


To test the S15 Baton I first used it at night to find some hand tools in my garage. I secured the lanyard to my wrist so I wouldn’t drop it and once I got the lock off of my garage door I hit the S15’s switch on high power.  The 280 lumens provided more than enough light for me to locate the hand tools I needed in the back of my garage. I repeated this test in my basement by safely navigating the steps using the S15 Baton. While in the basement I cycled the S15 through its low, medium and high power settings. All three settings provided enough light for me to find anything I store in the basement.

The S15 has two other important modes that I needed to consult the instructions to complete. The first of these modes is an extremely low power setting that doesn’t mess up one’s night vision. By pressing and holding the on button for one second you get dim light at .5 lumens. At this brightness I was able to read a paperback book. The second mode is a strobe light that it is activated by double pressing the one button. Admittedly, the strobe function was a bit disorienting to me. Additionally, the strobe would be great in assisting search and rescue personnel to locate you in an emergency situation.

The last test I used the S15 Baton for was to crawl under my wife’s car one rainy night because it had a steering issue.  The butt cap of the S15 has a magnet in it which allows to you attach it to metal surfaces. I attached the S15 to the frame of the car and began to look for the problem. The S15 gave off a ton of light and I was able to identify the broken steering link pin that was affecting the handling of the car. The inclusion of a magnet in the butt cap of the flashlight is extremely useful when working on vehicles or around the house. I am not sure how useful this function would be when camping in the wilderness as there isn’t usually a lot of metal about to attach the flashlight.


I don’t normally carry a flashlight with me all the time so the idea of and everyday carry light is somewhat new to me. That being said, I replaced my usual pocket knife with the S15 Baton for a few days. The S15 Baton with the lanyard attached definitely interfered with my access to my wallet which I also carry in my front left pocket. The pocket clip works great and the S15 Baton never fell out my pocket while carrying the light. On several other occasions I stashed the S15 Baton in a cargo pocket or in a backpack when travelling.   It took some getting used to but the idea of carrying a flashlight at all times does have more appeal to me now.  I think in the future if I choose to carry an EDC light I would prefer a belt holster to using the pocket clip.


Overall, I am extremely impressed by the S15 Baton.  This is my first experience using an Olight and it definitely was a learning experience. Every other flashlight in my small collection only has one or two functions. Using a higher end more sophisticated flashlight has definitely changed my perception about tactical and every day carry lights. Clearly technology has really evolved in flashlights and it definitely has a 21st century feel to it compared to my other flashlights. The next time I purchase a flashlight I will be definitely looking for an Olight.  While Olight doesn’t have an M.S.R.P listed on its website for the S15 Baton it can be purchased for fifty dollars or less from a variety of Internet retailers.  Considering all of the features of the S15 I think it offers great value for the money.  If you are in the market for an awesome everyday carry light that has a lot of great features I highly recommend the Olight S15 Baton.

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