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OLight ST25 Baton Light Review

By: Bob Vishneski

May 24, 2015

LED lights have rapidly evolved over the past few years, providing significantly more lumens at reduced prices. They have become the standard for most day-to-day needs as well as combat and military uses. I have been amazed at how much lumen power can be purchased for $50-$100.


Initial Thoughts

The OLight ST25 Baton is an attractive light designed to hold up well under the most demanding circumstances. Like many gear junkies, I have more flashlights than I care to admit. These include models from companies such as Ultrafire, Streamlight, Fenix, Surefire, Cree, Coast, and a few other lesser-known brands.  This was my first experience with an OLight flashlight. All things considered, I was extremely impressed.

The OLight ST25 Baton equals or surpasses the rugged build quality my other lights.  Unlike some of the others, however, the ST25 sports some interesting features. The ST25’s designers have given more thought to the styling of the light than some of the other manufacturers as well. One of struggles some may have, after looking over the style and quality of the light, is deciding to subject such a stylish tool to any real abuse.

Size & Dimensions


6 inches / 152.5mm


.91 inches / 23mm


2.75 ounces / 78 grams (excluding batteries)


The ST25 provides a robust list of features:

Five brightness levels plus strobe

Lumen Levels:





300 (strobe)


Flat Stealth tailcap that allows for quiet constant on switching

Side switch cycles through three brightness levels and activates strobe and turbo modes

Multi-position pocket clip that allows flashlight to be quickly deployed

Easily accessible lock-out feature through the side switch to prevent accidental activation

From the off position, automatically return to your last brightness level with the built-in memory function or hold for instant access to 1-lumen moonlight mode

Tailcap switch remembers the mode

Instantly access the 550-lumen turbo mode by double clicking the side switch

Waterproof up to two meters

Aircraft-grade aluminum body with anti-scratch type III hard anodizing

Stainless steel bezel provides protection from drops


2 X AA Alkaline


Power Settings & Capacity



The ST25 has a bright blue button that controls the various power settings, including acting as on/off button.  You can easily cycle through the various lumen settings quickly by turning the light on and then continuing to press the blue button. 1 lumen through 550 lumens is quite a range. At the 1 lumen setting in less than total darkness, you may not even notice that the light is on unless you are extremely close to your subject. 550 lumens is more than enough for anything other than the most demanding needs.

The ST25’s tailcap button acts as an on/off button.  The tailcap can be lightly unscrewed to deactivate the light from accidentally being turned on and draining the batteries. Its motion is extremely smooth and indicative of high quality standards. If you unscrew the tailcap of some lights, you will feel a bit of grittiness and a less than perfect fit. The ST25 tailcap moves like the components of a well-machined tripod head, for those of you that dabble in amateur photography. The knurling on the tailcap and main grip is a nice touch and can help in situations in damp conditions. Unlike the blue button, the tailcap on/off button requires a fair degree of pressure to activate the light. The strong spring in the tailcap prevents the light from easily being turned on by accident. The lanyard sports a push button to easily adjust the strap for your wrist. The pocket clip can removed with a bit of pressure and refitted on either end of the light so that LED is pointing up or down. 


Quality & Design

If you have had any serious hobbies over the years or done any product reviews, you probably can quickly get a sense for how well a company pays attention to quality standards and how much thought they put into design. It didn’t take me long to realize that OLight is serious about both. The knurling, the silver accent surrounding the blue power button, quality anodized aluminum body, the smoothness of the tailcap rotation, the quality knurling on the grip, the OLight logo on the lanyard and button, and the attractive blue circle on the inside of the light reveal that the OLight team is serious about quality and design.



At approximately $60, the ST25 represents a good value for the tactical baton lights of this quality and power. You can find some cheaper, non-brand name lights that promise equal or higher lumens, but chances are you won’t find one that matches the ST25’s quality and design. And if you have spent any time reading flashlight reviews, you are probably familiar with the overall disparity between the lumens advertised and the lumens actually delivered, particularly for some of the cheaper lights.  Bear in mind that no one enforces standards for lumens or the associated advertising claims, so… buyer beware! 

Suggested Improvements

If there is something OLight could improve on, I failed to notice what that might be.



The OLight ST25 Baton provides a solid set of useful features in a rugged, stylish body.  The 1-550 lumen range is more than adequate for most uses.

Additional Information

You can see OLight’s full product line here:

Our review Olight was provided by who has a great selection of lights and camping gear.

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