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Outdoors Aloud! Episode 8



Episode 8: Okay Ramblers…Let’s Get Rambling!


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Next week PYWP, Outdoors Aloud being taped on location!

Episode 8 and more show notes on the next page!



Equip 2 Endure Updates:

1. Knife Reviews:

Small Fixed Blade Test “Low End” Part 3

  • Fury Knife
  • Gerber Profile
  • Frost Mora Scout
  • Frost Mora Classic

2. Survival Techniques

  • Fire Technique, Insulating Embers
  • Squirrel Field Dress and Cooking
  • Water Filter Techniques
  • Allergy Relief with Local Honey

3. Discussion Topics

  • Physical Conditioning
  • Motorola Droid Survival Function Review
  • Axe vs. Fixed Blade Knife, Topic Equip 2 Endure
  • K9 Kravings raw diet for Ace the GSD, Equip 2 Endure           

4. Just hit the 900 subscriber

Woods Monkey:

  • Magellan Explorist for Review
  • Mcnett Gear Aid Kits for Review

General Topics:


Garrett Camping/Adventure Checklist:


  • Survival Kit/Pack
  • Sleeping Stuff
  • Cookware
  • Water/Water Prep
  • Hygeine
  • Health
  • Medicines
  • Clothing
  • Tools
  • Entertainment – Pet – Repair Kit


My Packing Tubs (long-term pods to extend my normal pack)



Review Stuff

Camera (video/still) gear, Audio gear, laptop, microphones, cords, wireless modem, etc.


  • Batteries for headlamps, GPS, etc.
  • Check and clean mechanical items like stove. Waterproof things that need it, shoes, hats, etc.
  • Check condition of things like sleeping bags, tents, etc.
  • Check electronic items for charge and working condition

Trip Itinerary: Adam

Where are you planning to go?

  • Include hiking trails
  • Camp Sites
  • Site Seeing Locations of Interest
  • Possible Deviation Point or Interests
  • Where are you planning to keep your vehicle (boat/car/rv etc.)

Who will you be with?

Are you traveling with others?

Are visiting others?

– Names and Contacts for each, including the contact information for their emergency contacts.

When you are planning:

  • When are you leaving to go?
  • Arrival time for the beginning of you trip.
  • Departing dates and time of your destination.
  • Estimated arrival times home
  • Possible deviations coming home

Information about travel area

  • Local Hospitals
  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Local Business you plan on visiting
  • Possible Local Lodging

Personal Information

  • All contact information
  • Medical Information
  • Known contacts in the area
  • Local Interest and Business

Selection of persons you are giving your Itinerary too.

Gear Pick:



Two Products by Guyotdesign:

The Microbites:

MightyBowl or Squishy Pet Bowls

Web Links:


YouTube Channels:


Rob from the

Scott from the Living History Channel

Quote of the Week

Take away wilderness and you take away the opportunity to be American

– Roderick Nash

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