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Outdoors Aloud! Now on Itunes!


woodsmonkeyico85x85As some of you are aware, we recently started up a new podcast called Outdoors Aloud! which is a collaboration between myself and Adam Francis of Equip 2 Endure.  We’ve got everything set up now to make it even easier for you to enjoy our new podcast on your Apple Ipod or Iphone.  Outdoors Aloud! is now on Itunes.  Just go to the Itunes store and put our title in the search box, and Voila!  There it is!

You can subscribe to our podcast there and it will automatically update and download to your computer when we’ve published a new episode each week, and your Ipod/Iphone will update automatically as well once they are connected.  If you’re like me and listen to a lot of podcasts, it’s very convenient to be able to update everything automatically and take your shows with you while you’re on the move.  Hopefully, this will make it even easier to spend some time with us as we talk about the outdoors each week.  You can still listen to our show on your computer from our webpage, but this improvement is for those folks who don’t want to be tied down while enjoying their multimedia content.

As always, we’re looking for feedback and suggestions about the show, especially about the topics you’d like to hear discussed and the features of each show that you think would make it more fun and interesting.

Until next time!

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