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PWYP Heads Up.


As mentioned in a previous article, we will be attending the annual Practice What You Preach outdoors gathering.  It’s a great time down in North Carolina to brush up on some skills, test your gear, and get current with friendships and the latest gossip.  We’ll have several noteable people onsite teaching various classes on outdoors topics, and we’ll have some great gear to take along that we’re going to be testing as well.  PWYP gives us an opportunity to not only test the gear ourselves, but it also gives us a large audience to get feedback on review items that we’re using while we’re there.  So, it’s a great chance to get other opinions and include them on the reviews that we post on different items.

So, after PWYP is over, we’ll have several reviews published online from companies like Brunton, Maxpedition, Browning, MSR, Snow Peak, Ontario, Spyderco, Leatherman, EDC Depot, Otis Technology, Gerber, Blind Horse Knives, JRE Industries, and TOPS Knives, and probably a few others.  So, it’s going to be a fun time for us and hopefully an education time for everyone.

While we’re gone, we will still have articles published on the site, and we’ll try to update the site from the field.  But, that’s going to depend on cell reception since we’ll be off the beaten path.  We’ll do the best we can to let you know what’s going each day at the 8th annual Practice What You Preach Gathering.  So, check in often as there’s a lot of information coming your way!

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