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SHOT Show 2009 Day 1

Welcom to SHOT Show!
Well, we got throught he first day of SHOT with a couple of hiccups in the process (hotel, traffic, etc.) but the overall experience has been terrific so far.  We will admit right off the bat that  were not prepared for the sheer magnitude of the SHOT show and its number of vendors that were present.  Yesterday was pretty much just a recon session for us to see the layout of the land, make a few contacts, and see how the whole process worked.  But, along the way, we were still able to see some great new products, but today, we will be getting down to more detail and setting up opportunities for us to review the newest gear in the future.  Also, even though we saw a lot of great grear, we won’t be able to put up some of the pictures we took until later this evening.




New Polymer Frame Ruger LCR
Grabber’s RopeLok
Some of the things that I saw off the bat that drew my attention were newly available items that were present at the show for us to handle and get some information on.  One of the first things I came across was an item called a RopeLok.  It’s an interesting concept that will aid those of us who are challendge with tying snug and secure knots in rope.  It’s a length of rope either 8 or 15′ long with a polymer tube-like housing at the end.  You run the opposite end of the rope through the tube, and then you flip down a lever on top of the tube that digs into and locks the rope in place.  Much like a Chinese finger puzzle, the harder you pull, the tighter is gets.  I had a chance to meet the inventor and his family, but the product is actually distributed by Grabber.  This a very handy item for those people that do a lot of travelilng or play in the outdoors.  Check it out when you get a chance.

We also came across the new Ruger LCR.  It’s a lightweight, polymer frame revolver that uses an aluminum firing house secured to the frame.  The LCR has a stainless barrel shrouded by the aluminum firing house, and it has a stainless steel cylinder as well.  Ruger also informed us that they have a new patent-pending, friction-reducing cam that helps improve trigger pull.  I will say that if the accuracy and durability of this new design proves out, it would make a great carry piece out on the trail where weight often makes a difference in your enjoyment of the outdoors.  Compared to my Smith and Wesson 642, it is significantly lighter, thought it is bigger and has a substantial hand-filling Hogue grip.  Time will tell how this weapon is received, but at the very least, it’s a new direction that helps to breath new life into revolvers as carry weapons.

We spent some time with the Motorola rep going over their new Talkabout models.  One that intrigued me was their MR-350 series which makes a bold claim of a 35 mile range for the radios.  It includes an NOAA radio, an LED light at the bottom for spotting the trail, and it has an emergency feature that might come in handy in the field.  If you press the emergency button on your radio, it will automatically send a warning siren on that frequency to other radios.  Additionally, it will automatically open the radios channelf for 22 seconds to allow the person in trouble to talk or yell out their position and conditions.  It’s an interesting application for the radio and probably a little more practical than the electronic animals sounds you can send out over the air to your friends.  The rep stated that these sounds could be used as signals to your friends, but maintain the "wilidlife environment" by doing away with the sound of talking on the air.  Hmmmm…maybe, but I think it’s just more of a fun thing to play with rather than a real aid to the hunting party.  This new model will be out in approximately two months, and we will be working out the details to get review models to put that 35 mile range claim to a real-world test.

New Model Savage Weather Warrior
Transparent Savage Weather Warrior Stock

Savage has done it again.  You know.  They really like those unique and somewhat unconventional deisgs for their rifles.  I came across their new Weather Warrior rifle.  Not only does it have a stainless barrel, but it also sports a transparent stock that you can see the nuts and bolts that fit everything together.  A transparent stock.  I don’t know about that one.  It certainly doesn’t have the appeal of a nicely done hardwood stock, and even a black tactical stock has more appeal to my eye.  But, you can say that Savage never sits still when it comes to trying to design something new and different.  That could also be said about Kel-Tec as well.  Though it’s been mentioned previously, Kel-Tec has made some progress with their High Efficiency rifle.  It’s a bullpup stock design that fires 7.62 NATO rounds.  It takes metric FAL mags which are in plentiful supply on the market since the FAL’s were one of the most widely distributed rifles of their type in the worl.  In all honesty, it’s a very attractive weapon.  I am not usually taken by bullpup designs, but they did a good job of putting together a solid package that’s aesthetically pleasing.  The final verdict will come, however, as reliability tests are done.  There have been occasions where the company has come out with great new product designs, but fell a little short with the consistency of their manufacturing process.  That results in firearms that hit the strett with realiability issues.  Tim Stetzer and I got into a heated debate about this last night because he’s never had an issue with this Kel-Tec pistol.  I think that’s great, but not everyone’s had the same luck.

Anywho, we’re getting ready to leave the press room and get onto the floor again.  We will post more updates today in the sidebar and we’ll get some pictures uploaded to the site this evening.  Have fun and check back with us again later on!

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