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SHOT Show 2013: Media Day

Woods Monkey staffers hit the Boulder Pistol & Rifle Range, Boulder City, Nevada to check out all of the latest hardware for this weeks 2013 SHOT Show! Some of our favs were the folding single shot .22 from Chiappa, the Rock Island Armory’s .22 TCM 1911, Winchester’s .17 Super Mag in the nifty 4.5 pound Savage bolt gun, Ruger’s new .380 on the LC9 frame, the Ruger 22/45 Lite with threaded barrel and a bazillion AR pattern rifles. Check out the pics for highlights!



IMG_1427a IMG_1327a IMG_1492a

IMG_1472a IMG_1456a IMG_1371a

IMG_1441a IMG_1434a IMG_1509a

IMG_1401a IMG_1409a IMG_1338a

IMG_1320a IMG_1322a IMG_1321a


IMG_1309a IMG_1522a IMG 1299a

IMG 1453a IMG 1454a IMG 1451a

 IMG 1501a IMG 1505a IMG 1507a


IMG 1482a IMG 1483a IMG 1489a


IMG 1459a IMG 1460a IMG 1465a

IMG 1425a IMG 1427a IMG 1342a


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