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SHOT Show Info!!

As a lot of you outdoors people are aware, SHOT Show is happening in January.  We wanted to give you an advance heads up of how we plan to do our coverage.  First, we will do a daily recap each evening of the most interesting things we saw that day.  We’ll provide the best information possible and hopefully some good pictures as well.  But, one thing we will do throughout the day is immediately post anything that will be of interest like new products or other items of interest.  We’ll be hooked up to the internet via the cell phone system and will post short news blurbs throughout the day that will update to our site automatically on a real-time basis.  We will have a page dedicated to collecting and compiling all those quick burst news updates in one place.  These quick posts will be done via PDA phone.  You can either go to the dedicated page for the posts in one place or you can follow our posts via Twitter.  Our Twitter ID to follow is woodsmonkey_com.  We’ll have more info on our SHOT Show coverage later!!

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