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Snow Peak Stove Kit

By Woods Monkey Staff

I like stoves and something that can be made into a carrying kit is always cool. To start with, this kit was not my idea it was a friend who turned me onto this and I take no credit for the design of the kit.

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At the center of this rig is a snow peak stove. A GigaPower manual stove. You could also use the GigaPower auto or the litemax titanium stove. The main idea is small in size and light in weight. Combining this with a few plastic containers that can mate together make for a fantastic way to carry all your stove and eating gear in one set up.

The large plastic container has a screw on lid. I cut out the center of the lid and inserted the smaller container upside down inside of the larger one and then screwed the lid over the top, securing it together. This makes a great Photo Apr 06, 1 07 54 PMcarrying case and when taken apart provides two containers to work with. On the inside I carry a titanium spork, heavy grilling type of aluminum foil to use as a wind screen, and boiling water cover. I also have a stainless steel soup can that I use to boil water for boil and bag meals or making coffee. I also have the Snow Peak GigaPower Stove and fuel canister. There is also room for a bic lighter and a pot handle to get the hot can off the fire. I have used this set up many times on trips and have never been let down yet with it. I have replaced the plastic containers once as I wore a hole in the large one. I really like this for the small size and weight it makes a nice little rig to have with you when out camping. This has served me well and will continue to go with me on many trips in the future. I hope this will give you some ideas for your stove rigs. Get creative; there are no rules to making these kits. Have some fun with it.

Snow Peak

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