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Speedy Sharp

World’s Fastest Sharpener

Fetzner Speedy Sharp

By Scott C Wickham Jr


Today I’m reviewing the Speedy Sharp produced by Speedy Sharp Inc. a USA made product.  This is basically a 4 inch piece of steel with a carbide end that does the sharpening.  It’s designed to work on anything from camp knives to lawn mower blades.  Scissors, fish hooks, tree pruners are also within its capability to sharpen because of its small contact area and ability to get into tight spaces.  They way it works is the carbide working end gets drawn down the edge you want sharpened and it literally peels the metal off.  Not like the skinning of an apple, not long strands like that but very small, bits of the knife/ski/skate/axe or whatever you’re working on.

 You can feel the tool working the edge and see metal coming off the item being sharpened.  I sharpened 2 different knives with this tool and I’ll say it gives a working edge, not a super fine sharpened edge like fresh out of the knife shop.  This sharpener will not only sharpen but is supposed to hone the edge too.  So the idea is to sharpen and get a bur, then flip the tool over and hone the edge to knock the bur off.  I wasn’t having good luck with this so I used my leather belt to hone, I liked that much better.  You DO wear a leather belt don’t you?


As with any new sharpening tool you’re not used to working with, get yourself a Sharpie marker so you can paint up the edge you’re working on.  After a couple swipes with the sharpener, see where the Sharpie mark is gone and where it stayed.  That’s your little tattle tale so you know if you need to adjust your angle.  Their directions say to swipe the tool down the edge 3-5 times down each side of the knife then hone it.  Again, this will probably give you a decent working edge.  And by working edge I mean it probably will not easily cut paper or arm hair but will allow you to baton fire wood or sharpen some tent stakes.


Overall, the Speedy Sharp works fair as long as you know what to expect to get for results.  It definitely works better than the flat rock I carry around to sharpen my camp knife when in the field but I’d suggest stropping your end results with a piece of leather. And don’t forget your Sharpie marker.

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