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Spyderco Clipitools

Spyderco’s handy ClipiTool Series

The vast majority of Woods Monkey readers already carry a knife on a daily basis.  Most days I find myself carrying something with a blade in the 3 to 4 inch range clipped to my pants pocket.  I also have a multitool on my belt for those times I need more than a knife.  On those rare occasions when I need to dress like a civilized guy and wear a collared shirt or even a tie, I don’t strap on the multitool.  This leaves me wanting for just something else besides the folder.

Spyderco came up with the Clipitool line for just those occasions.  There are 3 knives, each with a 1-3/4 inch blade.  Being sub 2 inches the knives don’t raise many eyebrows in most circles.  Here is where the coolness factor comes in.  Each one has a different secondary “blade” or tool to give them a little added utility. Think of them as a discrete, gentleman’s multitool.

The ClipiTool Trio

Each one of these tools has seen use throughout the year.  I’ve had one or more in my pocket as often as possible.  When not residing clipped to the pants, I had the other brothers in my day bag.

IMG_1445    IMG_1443

The Spyderco ClipiTool Plain & Serrated has a serrated blade in addition to the main clip point blade.  While my personal preference is for non-serrated blades, this one is perfect for breaking down boxes.  Using the Serrated blade for cutting edge dulling items it saves the straight blade for other cutting chores.  There is no point on the serrated blade.  Being a blunt nose lends itself to the traditional Spyderco hole for easy deployment. This isn’t intended for piercing, but for slicing.  There is just enough blade length and the spine is curved to accommodate a finger or thumb.  Having this one on my shipping table at the shop comes in handy for opening any of the boxes that show up on a day to day basis.



The second one in the lineup is the Spyderco ClipiTool w/ Screwdriver/Opener. There have been many occasions where I have needed to render a bottle of adult beverages incapacitated and having a handy bottle opener is essential for that task.  While the screwdriver is a bit too large for eyeglasses, I found it handy to a medium screwdriver for those annoying screws on the wall outlets that aren’t vertical.  (Yes I am a bit OCD….).  The screwdriver end of the secondary blade works quite well for opening paint cans.  Once again the spine side has a curve which fits my thumb for leveraging.  While this also has the Spyderco hole, it is tucked in the handle a little bit more and works more like a nail nick than a hole for opening.  During the summer months I would reach for this one to open a refreshing beverage.

IMG_1450    IMG_1460

The final knife to complete the hat trick is the Spyderco ClipiTool w/ Scissors.  This one is the one I found to be the most handy.  It seems like I am always reaching for scissors to cut a thread, open a bag, etc.  There is always a reason to have scissors handy.  The most used part of my old multitool was the scissors.  Spyderco’s brilliance was to include a pair with the small knife.  The scissors are deployed by simply grabbing the Spyderco signature hole and opening.  There is no unfolding the scissors or turning the second handle around.  You just open and use.  They get stowed the same way, just fold back in the handle.  The return spring keeps them open and tucks away when folded.  While these aren’t the most precise scissors, they work great for cutting twine and paper.  Another way these were used was slitting open envelopes.  Surprisingly I found this to be one of the quickest ways to open them up.

IMG_1453    IMG_1451

ClipiTool Specs

The ClipiTool’s not lockbacks, they are all friction folders.  The springs are tight enough to keep the tool safely deployed during use.  Each one has the same overall look.  Each one has a brushed finish with the Spyderco logo on the presentation side as well as the clip side.  The back of the folder is curved down and when gripping with two fingers it rides nicely in the thumb pad.  There are two subtle finger grooves   and the upward curve of the spine at the pivot point is a perfect spot for the thumb.  It being a small folder, there isn’t much mass to grip.  However I did find that it is designed correctly and I have a positive feel when the knife blade is opened.  Being that they are less than 5 inches in overall length they are tough for me to open one handed like any of the Spyderco bigger folders, so you need to use two hands opening them like any other slipjoint. The substantial pocket clip holds the knife in place on my pocket and is only configured for tip up carry.  This isn’t a problem for me being a south paw.  I have been carrying a knife on my right side since I’ve been carrying a clip knife.

Spyderco Clipitools Knife 1   IMG_1457

The knife blade itself is made from 8Cr13MoV, full flat grind and is sharp out of the box.  Scales are stainless steel and have a brushed finish.  The shape of the blade instantly reminds you of Spyderco with the traditional hole.  When in the hand, the knife occupies almost three fingers and feels comfortable even with its diminutive size.  For just about 2 ounces and 2.5 inches closed, they have the solid feel of a bigger knife.

Spyderco Clipitools Bottle

Overall, these little cuties deserve a place clipped to a pocket, pack, or purse.  They are unobtrusive but deliver when called upon to cut, clip, slice, or snip. At around $25 each, they are well worth the money!

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