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Spyderco Terzuola SLIPIT Review

IMG_4963cSpyderco has been making exceptional knives since the early 1980’s.  These knives are made of the highest quality materials and have included the signature thumbhole on all of their folders for almost three decades. The Bob Terzuola SLIPIT continues this tradition and is the fourth such collaboration between the famous custom knife maker and Spyderco since 1990. 



IMG_4959aBob Terzuola has been a well known custom knife maker since the 1970s.  While he does not have his own website his custom work is available for purchase through several knife dealers on the Internet. The SLIPIT is a simple folder that utilizes a trademarked ball joint non locking system.  This system is very simple and prevents the user from accidentally opening or closing blade and causing injury.  The base of the knife includes a finger guard that protects the users hand from slipping onto the blade.  The SLIPIT’s wharncliffe blade measures 3 in. and is made of CPM S30V steel.  This steel was designed by Dick Barber of Crucible Materials Corporation and knife maker Chris Reeve.  The metallurgic property of this steel makes it especially useful for knife making and is notable for its wear and corrosion resistance. I was not familiar with this type of steel and I was impressed by its performance.  The SLIPIT’s handle and backspace is made from woven carbon fiber that looks great but also keeps the entire knife very lightweight at 2.5 ounces.  The texture of the woven carbon fiber creates a handle that makes the knife easy and comfortable to hold.  On the end of the backspace is a D-ring that holds a leather lanyard held together with a metal clip.  The entire knife measures 7 inches when opened and fits comfortably in the hand.  The SLIPIT is manufactured in Taiwan and Spyderco’s asking price for the knife is $159.99, however, a simple online search produced lower price options.

IMG_4965aOpening and closing the knife can be done with one hand by using the thumb hole on the blade. The ergonomic design makes this a great buy for ambidextrous use.  The patented ball joint non locking system is designed to open or close half way requiring additional pressure to fully open or safely secure the blade in the handle.  The SLIPIT will require some breaking in to make the movement smooth, as the action initially seems a bit rough.  A friend of mine cut himself slightly when closing the knife.  After carrying this knife for several weeks opening and closing the knife was noticeably easier.  The SLIPIT fits nicely in the hand and is comfortable to work with. I wish the carbon fiber handle was a little bit larger to fit into my hand.  It would not have added considerable weight to the knife and would have been a better fit in my larger hands.  That being said, people with normal sized hands will find the handle adequate and comfortable.

IMG_4966aI carried this knife off and on for about a month and used it for a variety of household chores, crafting and outdoor uses.  In my limited experience I have found that the SLIPIT like other Spyderco knives is very sharp and comes with an extremely keen factory edge.  The first test I used the SLIPIT for was my standard battery of kitchen duties.  Chopping up raw vegetables, cooked and raw meat were accomplished easily.  This knife would make a good addition to a camp kitchen.  I also used it to break down several cardboard boxes, cut nylon rope of varying thickness, and sliced several plastic water bottles into ribbons.

For my second set of tests I used the SLIPIT to cut open the packaging on an air soft gun.  In an effort to prevent shoplifting the plastic packaging of the air soft gun was impervious to my usual kitchen knives and scissors.  The SLIPIT’s blade proved quite capable and cut apart the packaging with ease.  After this I put the SLIPIT to work on some scrap leather from a pair of bracers that I had made.  I usually use a razor knife when crafting and the SLIPIT cut through the leather exceptionally well with an added bonus of being far more comfortable to use than the standard razor blade.

IMG_4972aThere are only a few minor things about the SLIPIT that I didn’t care for and those were mostly aesthetic preferences.  The thumb hole on Spyderco’s knives is extremely functional, simple and characteristic of the brand.  On this particular model the hole, in my opinion, takes away from the overall lines of the knife.  I really like the looks of the wharncliffe blade in profile and the lines and shape of the handle, but the hole seemed to interrupt those lines to me.  Secondly, the lanyard, while useful in terms of removing the SLIPIT from pockets or gear, detracts from the appearance of the knife.  I found a YouTube clip that shows how to remove the lanyard and lanyard ring from the SLIPIT.  In my opinion, this minor modification is an improvement to the look of the knife.  I realize that Spyderco’s knives are designed for function and that Bob Terzuola is famous for his tactical designs but I have to admit that the overall appearance of the knife is not what would draw me to purchase this knife. 

Nonetheless, there are many reasons to like this knife.  It’s lightweight and made of quality materials.  The SLIPIT is easy to carry and stays secure in your pocket.  Spyderco has an excellent reputation as a result of three decades in the knife making industry and they have a loyal following of collectors.  This is the first Spyderco knife I have had the opportunity to use for any length of time.  In terms of its functionality I would not hesitate to use the SLIPIT for every day carry.  In addition, it would certainly find use in a survival kit used for hiking or in a vehicle.  It is also useful for around the house chores and kitchen work.  If you are fan of Spyderco’s knives you will not be disappointed by the SLIPIT.  If you are in the market for a high quality production knife and have not tried out a Spyderco, then you’d do well to consider Bob Terzuola’s SLIPIT.


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