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SVORD SV350B Drop Point Hunter

SVORD SV350BSVORD Knife Company has been around the sporting market of New Zealand for quite some time having been started by an 18 year old knife maker named Bryan Baker in 1983. Bryan, who originally started off like many others individually forging his blades, soon realized he wanted to produce a higher volume of knives at an affordable price, geared towards the average New Zealand sportsman.




Bryan then started to make knives using the “stock removal” method.  To this day SVORD Knife Company has continued to grow reaching sportsman not just in New Zealand but around the world as well. They have improved existing designs, along with developing new ones, all of which are affordable and meant to be used. SVORD is also responsible for producing the ever popular “Peasant Knife”, which has carved its way world wide in today’s sporting market, as a highly functional and affordable friction folder knife.

SVORD SV350BSVORD SV350BThe SVORD SV350B is part of SVORD’s Deluxe Sporting Knives line. It has a 1/8 thick 4 inch drop point blade, with a sharp 3 ¾ inch convexed cutting edge. It is made of high carbon steel that was not specified as to which kind it was. The 4 ½ inch handle has varnished Mahogany scales, that have a warm, deep reddish color to them. The knife also sports a brass finger guard that gives the knife a nice classic feel and look to it. With the exception of food prep, I didn’t feel that the guard got in the way at all. It locks your grip in solid and offers plenty of protection for your fingers when in use, especially when your hands might be wet, from processing or field dressing game.

I have a Medium sized hand and I felt that knife was very comfortable for long term use. I used it with and without gloves and felt no hot spots or uneven surfaces. I have had this knife for several weeks and have used it for many everyday tasks around the house and around our property. The convexed edge came amazingly sharp and has continued to stay sharp throughout the time I have used it.

SVORD SV350BSVORD SV350BThe area we live in, as well as many other parts of California and the West Coast, were recently hammered by a severe wind storm. We lost power for over 5 days and were relying on our wood burning stove for heat. The SV350B made fine work in helping prep wood and kindling for our fire. We also had a few tarps blow off our wood pile and had to improvise some stakes to secure it down. The sharp convexed blade bit into wood with ease and made the chores a lot of fun.

My wife even enjoyed using the SZ350B while it has been here. She used it around the house and to gather local and native vegetation from around our property, to make her Christmastime wreath. As a knife lover herself, she had no complaints about the knife, only praises. She loved the wide drop point blade. Its sharp convex edge made her tasks very easy and the handle, despite her small hands, was quite comfortable.

SVORD SV350BWhat is a knife without something safe and durable to keep it in? The sheath that came with the SV350B is very impressive and well made. It’s made from thick black leather and is a deep pouch style sheath with a button flap over the opening, to prevent the knife from falling out or getting snagged while being carried. The sheath rides nicely against the hip and doesn’t sit too low.

If you’re looking for a solid working knife, that won’t hurt your wallet, check out the SV350B. In the past Svord fixed blade knives had been a little hard to get here in the United States. That’s starting to change and we acquired our test knife from Triple R Enterprises which has the SVORD SV350B listed at $75.00 at the time of this review.


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