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TANK – for the iPhone – By Case Mate

TANK from Case Mate

Us Monkeys love our smart phones but we always are looking for better solutions to keep ’em safe when we’re in the woods. One of the latest to catch our attention is the Tank iPhone case from Case Mate.

TANK from Case Mate 

tank iphone 4 case


rugged case 

  • Shatter resistant polycarbonate coupled with thick, silicone interior
  • Easy-Slide polypropylene retractable screen door
  • Soft touch exterior
  • Available colors include Black/Black, Black/Pink, Green/Orange, White/Pink

hard shell iphone case


It takes a beating. The TANK iPhone 4/4S case brings an extreme approach to defending the iPhone with a rugged case that completely protects the iPhone from screen to back.


Science shows that a hard exterior combined with a soft exterior transmits less force to your phone when dropped. TANK’s polycarbonate hard shell combines with a silicone-cushioned interior for the ultimate in tough cases. The TANK tests number one in impact resistance against the leading brand and meets or exceeds US military standards.


67% of iPhone failures are due to cracked screens. Don’t let your phone be one of them! TANK has a unique, retractable screen that shields from impacts, cracking and condensation.

iphone 3g/3gs rugged case

  • Polycarbonate hard shell with silicone-cushioned interior is the best technology for absorbing impacts and protecting your smartphone
  • Retractable screen shields from impacts, cracking and condensation
  • Meets or exceeds US military standards – so you have the Department of Defense’s confidence in TANK’s rugged performance
  • Premium, soft grip texture won’t stick in your pocket, with fun colors for everyone
  • Holster clip allows you to keep the phone easily accessible; included for iPhone 4/4S only

TANK from Case Mate TANK from Case Mate TANK from Case Mate

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