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The Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack

Whether you’re walking down the sidewalk in the city you live in, or hiking up the side of a mountain, having the right gear with you is always essential. More often than not, you are presented with a situation where it may not be an emergency, but a regular need for a standard tool or a bit of light to see in a dark area, or perhaps the need to get an unexpected fire going. This is where the rugged and well equipped Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack will certainly come in handy.


In the recent past, Gerber Legendary Blades and survivalist/tv personality Bear Grylls teamed up to create a line of hard-use survival tools that the common man can carry around daily and, if the need were to arise, to save a life. By now, anybody who is reading this article will have seen a few of Bear’s survival shows called Man vs. Wild where Bear will typically be dropped in a remote location and with very few pieces of gear and demonstrate how to survive the situation. In the end, Bear will typically find his way out of the situation, or rendezvous with a pre-determined extraction team. Bear always goes out with just a few supplies and the last season he filmed, we saw him use some of the Gerber tools that bear his name.

The Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack is a very unique kit that comes with some of the most important items you would want to have in a survival situation. One of the main characteristics that Gerber wants to get across with the Bear Grylls line is dependability and durability, both of which have has been easily achieved with the Survival Tool Pack. Let’s take a look at each component from the kit and break it all down.

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The primary tool that serves multiple functions is the multi-tool. Upon removing the multi-tool from the molded plastic holster, the first thing you notice is the rubber grip that both handles have from top to bottom. I found this very nice for a few reasons. If you happen to have wet hands, or say the tool itself is wet, you will still be assured that a good grip is obtainable. Second, I found that using the tool with gloves on was a breeze as well thanks to the special grip. The next feature I noticed was the locking mechanism for the numerous components that comes attached with the multi-tool. I’ve had tools in the past with blade locks, but never one that you can use to lock any of the individual components in place. I thought this was nice for safety reasons and the lock was easy to disengage with an upward slide with your thumb and index finger.


The multi-tool comes with the following components, a heavy duty needle-nose plier which includes a wire cutter built in, a coated, partially serrated blade with an easy-out thumb notch, a sharp wood saw, scissors, both a medium and small flathead driver, a crosshead driver, Phillips driver, a file, a bottle opener, and a piercer. As I said before, all items lock into place until you unlock them for stowing. The plier has a solid spring within it, making chores a little easier to handle. I found that for standard multi-tool needs, the Bear Grylls multi-tool was able to handle the tasks I threw at it with ease. I usually carry around a Leatherman Skeletool daily, but I found that this multi-tool was able to handle the same things my Leatherman can, plus has all of the extra tools for when the need comes up.

IMG_5303a IMG_5295a IMG_5296a

The second item I worked with was the small Tempo flashlight. This little gem takes only a single AAA battery and seems to last forever on the one battery. The documentation say’s that I can expect around four hours of dependable light from a single battery, but I have yet to put that claim to the test. The LED bulb is surprisingly bright for its size and can easily provide you with enough light for medium to small jobs. The light is 3 inches in overall length and comes with a nice rubber grip around the middle of the light. Much like the multi-tool, this is a nice feature that helps prevent the light from slipping out of your hands, and helps if you are wearing gloves too. The rubber grip also acts as a securing platform so that when not in use, the flashlight slides into its slot within the plastic sheath and locks in place with no fear of coming loose. The body itself is composed of anodized aluminum which can take a beating. The light can be activated in two ways. First is to simply twist the base of the light clockwise until it turns on. If you just want a quick beam, you can also push on the base to activate the light. I really like this flashlight due to its size, the amount of light it puts out for its size, and its apparent rugged features.

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The third item that comes with the kit is a fire starter. What you get with this is a small standard ferro rod, with the same rubberized handle that makes all of the other components a joy to use. The handle also has a small lanyard hole where you can attach a lanyard, if you so wished. I have large hands, but found that it was easy to hold this fire steel in my hands and when struck right, will produce a decent shower of sparks that will light your tinder with ease.


All three of the components mentioned fit perfectly in the heavy duty plastic molded sheath. The way the sheath is constructed, all three survival tools either snap or slide into place with no worry of losing anything in the field. Due to its heavy material, you don’t have to worry about scratching or getting the sheath wet. It cleans up easily and effortlessly. Two more excellent features that people will enjoy about this sheath are the heavy rubber belt-loop for attaching to your person, or even to your pack. The other great feature is the fold down top strap that locks in place over your multi-tool. Both the belt-loop and the top strap are tension-locked in place so that in order to unhinge the strap, you need to pull the rubber down and over the hinge. I don’t see any possible way to lose one of the tools while the sheath is secured properly.

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To top it off, you also get a mini pamphlet that you can slip behind the belt strap called "Bear Grylls, Properties of Survival, Pocket Guide". This is a neat little guide that offers some very valuable survival tips that will keep you alive until help arrives. In the anticipation that someone will be on the verge of panic while opening up this pamphlet, the first thing you read when opening is "So you’re in a spot of trouble" and proceeds to calm you down and begin taking the necessary steps to survive. You learn how to build a shelter, start a fire, different protection methods, and obtain water and food, along with signaling for help.

When all is said and done, Gerber has put together a solid set of survival tools that are easy to stow and carry with you anywhere and at any time. With this purchase, you win in two different ways. First, you get Gerber’s standard quality, something I have learned to respect over time, and second, you get something that is field-tested and endorsed by Bear Grylls. He puts his gear through hell and back, so you know you’re getting a rugged kit. Top it all off with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and Gerber’s great customer service; you really have nothing to worry about. The Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack retails for $85 but with a little online shopping you should be able to score one for around $60 or so.


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