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The BladeSports International Buckeye Cut

By J.Elias

Did you know that there is a sport out there for everyone? If you are a knife maker or just like to play with steel here is the next sport for you!

L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives hosted the BladeSports International Buckeye Cut on March 14th and 15th, 2015. BladeSports International has been making its way up in the competitive world. Building this sport to the top is World Champion Dan Keffeler, sponsored by Peters Heat Treat and National Champion Donavon Phillips, sponsored by Spyderco.

Participants arrived on Saturday to train. They learned the proper way to attempt the cuts and were certified to compete on Sunday. Participants learned proper 2×4 chop techniques, knife safety, how to cut a rolling ball, how to split a straw top to bottom, and how to cut a hanging rope. These skills were put to the test on Sunday for a timed event.


BladeSports is made up of competitive athletes, not just knife makers, but also anyone who fulfills the certification requirements. There are many different types of planned events at BladeSports competitions.


Some events in the multi-cut include the 2×4 cut which can also be set apart in its own event by itself. In 2009, Dan Keffeler held the record for the 2×4 Speed Chop in 1.21 seconds.


Another cut in the course is the vertical 2×4.



Other strategic cuts are placed in the course such as the ball cut, where you have to slice a moving tennis ball and golf ball in half along with the free hanging rope cut.


Some cuts have more finesse to them. In the straw cut you have to slice just above the flex to obtain points and slice the other one completely down the center of the straw.





There is always that fun factor when it comes to slicing the cans! Sometimes even though it might not count, it is pretty awesome when different cuts happen like canoeing the can.


At each sponsored cut there is always a chance to break a record. The rope bundle, speed cut, and water bottles. It was awesome to see Donavon Phillips make an attempt to beat his own world record. Though he didn’t make it this time, there is no doubt he’ll make it next time. In April of 2014 Donavon Phillips gained the record for 24 water bottles cut.


The Top 3 in this competition:


1st Place: Dan Keffeler

2nd Place: Donavon Phillips

3rd Place: Brad Stallsmith


Congratulations to the winners and to all who competed!

So whether you want to slice and dice or just be a spectator, you should definitely come out to the next cut and show your support to this ever growing sport.


BladeSports International Inc. is a Texas non-profit corporation formed to promote knife safety, provide workshops and cutting events for its members, and to inform and educate the public with regard to the safe use of a knife as a tool.

Always use extreme caution when handling knives and never attempt competitive cutting practice without proper training and supervision.

Contact BladeSports for more information about this exciting sport.


Thanks to the sponsors!





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