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The Bübi Bottle Soft Water Bottle

By Stefanie Bondra

The Bübi bottle. It’s a water bottle. Well, not really. It can be a water bottle, or it can be: a hot compress, or a cold compress, or a storage container for dry goods or cleaning products. You can put it in a camp fire and it will boil the water inside and not melt the bottle. It’s got a cap to seal out air and water and another lid to allow you to drink out of the bottle. It’s pretty nifty. Honestly though, I snicker when I say the name. Every. Single. Time. Bübi Bottle: pronounced exactly the way you think it is. I apologize in advance.20150702_082340

Moving away from that gem of amusement, the bottle I received was the 22oz multi-use bottle. The company ( ) also offers a smaller (14 oz) size. Either of the bottles is “scrunchable”. This sounds kind of innocuous at first, but when you realize that “non-scrunchable” bottles take up quite a bit of room and this one, quite simply does not, it’s a pretty nifty feature. The bottle rolls up and is then able to be held in this position by the (removable) metal carabiner attached to the bottle.20150702_082750

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My first use of the bottle was for holding water. I noticed that the bottle had a quite unpleasant smell when the lid came off. This transferred to the water that I put in and so the water was not the most refreshing. It has faded 20150702_082618some after repeated washing and air drying but it is still something to note.

Here’s what I really liked about the bottle though. There is a lid to keep the contents of the bottle air and water tight. Then there is another lid you can screw on to drink out of the bottle. This I really liked because I am a messy gal. I shook the bottle around with the sipper lid screwed on and no water came shooting out at me. The sipper lid took some getting used to as it is a bite-suck design (oh dear the jokes are coming back-the sipper lid comes with two nipples) and trying to run and bite-suck-breathe-not fall down is tricky for those who are easily distracted. At least I didn’t spill any.

The next time I used the bottle, was for my daughter when she needed a hot compress. WOW. Super impressed. Switched the lid back to the solid cap, filled the bottle with super hot water and it stayed warm for at least a half of an hour. In addition to its heat retention; it’s soft, scrunchable features allowed the bottle to mold itself to cover the entire affected area. I also used it as a cold compress with the same result. Lengthy coolness and easily molded to problem area.

The information booklet mentions that the bottle can be used to keep a cell phone dry but I have not been able to stuff my phone in the bottle. Maybe if you have an older and smaller phone this would work better, but my ginormous smart phone wasn’t able to fit.20150702_082642

Final Notes on the Bottle

The Bübi bottle is made from “high-grade silicone and has a BPA free microbiotic-resistant body.” I know people are very concerned with non BPA laden gear to eat and drink from and the “microbiotic resistance” is also great so as not to encourage mold, mildew, and other nasty critters you don’t need on a hike or camping trip inhabiting your water bottle. The bottle is also reversible for cleaning. This I loved because you can NOT do that with a conventional water bottle. I recommend getting the bottle wet because it turns inside out more easily this way.

Prices range from $16.99 for the 14 ounce and $24.99 for the 22 ounce bottle on the website and are easily found on other internet shopping sites for less. Replacement parts are also available through the company or other online sources.