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The Griffin Pocket Tool

By Mike Henninger

One of the great things about writing and working in this industry is that you make friends with a lot of people. When one of those people called and asks you to take a look at a pre-production model it is, well, a no-brainer. 

So a few days later, a Griffin Pocket Tool showed up from Coyote Mountain Outdoors and I was quickly in love.  I am a true EDC guy and always have way too much in my pockets or on my belt.  Pocket dumps have become a badge of honor with me, so it is easy to say I have a problem. 

The Griffin hits the mark on so many fronts.  First is what I consider its primary function, it is an excellent pocket clip.  It works on heavy work pants and belt loops easily.  The clip is deep enough to hold securely.  It beats the pants off of the full size carabiner and then the lanyard I used to use.  It works as well with every day wear and stealthy enough for dress wear. 


The tools all work as they should and give you peace of mind when you are in an environment that a true multi-tool is overkill, frowned upon or just downright illegal (think flying.)  The Griffin will get you through TSA faster than gas station sushi through your insidesIMG_0821

A super high note worth mentioning is that the bottle opener is sized to accept ¼ inch bit drives so you can add another level of versatility to an already useful tool. 

The scribe is also a nice touch that is overlooked by most of the Griffin’s competition.  The pry bar is nice, but the pre-production model screw driver was a little thick and I expect that to be changed once the kick starter ends. One thing that I did after the review was finished was that I took a grinder wheel to the pry bar and added a concave feature to make it a little more to my liking. 


Now that I have hit on all of the important features and specs for the guys, I would like to address this part to the ladies. I showed the Griffin to my wife and before she even touched it, she declared that it was a good size and that she would carry it.  Upon further examination, she liked the low weight and the simple design.


Now for the brass tacks, I plan on buying a stainless steel model (23 grams total weight) and adding it to my EDC.  It added a level of comfort to those few times that I need to be knife or multi-tool free.  So be sure to check my pocket at the next wedding or funeral and look for the Griffin hanging on my pocket.

Check out the Griffin Pocket Tool on Kickstarter:

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