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The Olight S2 Baton

By Jon Adams

As an avid outdoorsman and woodsman, I am always looking for gear that is actually useful. Lights are among the items most not thought about, unused, forgotten or lost. This is mostly due to the thinking “It’s just a light, any old torch will work.” However, lighting is one of the most needed items to carry for a variety of tasks or situations.


I received the Olight S2 Baton to try out. At first glance, before opening the package, I thought “Yeah, just another run of the mill so called EDC light.” Once the package was opened, and the Olight in hand, I began to see that this was not just another gimmick light. The construction felt solid and after some use I found that this is a torch that won’t be easily broken. The machined textured knurled aluminum held my fingers to the light with ease of movement in the hand. The lens was recessed to keep scratches and breakage at bay. The body is a sleek one size diameter the full length of the light (no ups and downs for a so called tactical look) which to me made it easy to use; even though it has tactical attributes and can be used as such in my opinion.


The Olight has five brightness settings: (1) off, (2) dim, (3) bright, (4) brighter, and (5) sun! The selector is a little different than most lights that you have to click the on/off button or flip a switch, and usually only have 4 settings of: off, on, bright, and/or strobe. These are usually located on the body, or bottom of the battery cap that are bulky and cause accidental ons. With the S2 Baton, you just turn on and hold the button and the S2 will cycle through the settings allowing you to choose which one is best or needed for your situation or task. Very slick with great cycle timing. The S2 baton has a sleek button to turn it on/off near the top of the tube body, which is for the most part flush with a micron of rubber protruding from the surface covering a recessed button to eliminate accidentally turning it on. The only drawback I have with the on/off switch is trying to find it in the dark by feel. For me this is an aggravating task at times, but the S2 Baton works so well that this didn’t bother me too much.

A word of caution when using the S2 baton on what I call the sun brightness setting ; the lens and tubeIMG_2947 body can get extremely hot ,and I don’t recommend using the S2 Baton at the two brightest settings for extended periods of time; they are meant for short use. I have used the S2 baton to literally start fires in the bush, using leaves and char cloth as fuel, and I got an ember very fast. A feature I accidentally found that I like. Redundancy in fire starting is a good thing as far as being prepared for an unexpected survival situation, and just happen to have available because it’s in your EDC(every day carry). Don’t leave it on and put it in your pocket, ouch!

The S2, as you can see in the photos comes with an EDC pocket clip which has a good amount of retention. This keeps the S2 from coming out of your pocket or off of your hat during hands free use. Speaking of hands free use, the S2 Baton also has a strong magnet located on the bottom of the battery cap/lid; which comes in handy when working around vehicles, work shop, under appliances, etc.


After a couple months of literally every day/night use by me and my five year old daughter; this S2 baton Olight has made my permanent EDC until I find something better, which will most likely be another S series Baton by Olight. A great, straight forward tool.


The Olight S2 Baton retails for $54.95.
You can find the Olight S2 at 

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