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The Perfect Survival Kit Contest


Yes, we know.  There’s no real "perfect" survival kit.  But, we want to see how close our audience members can get–within a certain set of parameters.  On May 1st, we will announce the details and rules of the contest, but we thought we’d give everyone a heads-up now to get the juices flowing and the wheels turning.  There will be guidelines and rules to follow.  For instance, we will limit the number of items that can be included in the kit.  Another rule is that either a video or high resolution picture must be included with the submission showing the author and the kit items together.  This isn’t a "wish list" type of contest.  It’s all about seeing what you’ve done to build the perfect outdoors survival kit.

We will then give people the month of May to submit their write-up or their video on why they believe their kit is the best one going.  Things to think about and mention in the submission are the utility of each item, whether or not an item can be used for multiple purposes, or maybe how compact the kit might be to carry.  It’s up to you to decide what attributes of your kit are the most important, and it’s up to you to sell everyone on your kit being the best one.  Once we receive the submissions, a panel of judges will go through the entries and pick out the best 3-4 submissions.  The decision process will be made by using a schedule of points awarded for certain things like importance of items, originality, creativity, value, and versatility.  All of these criteria will be listed when the contest is announced.

The fun part, though, is that we will publish the top 3-4 entries (either written or video) on Woods Monkey, and we will set up a voting process for a certain length of time where registered members of Woods Monkey can vote on which kit they believe is the best.  The winner of the voting process will be awarded a great prize–as well as bragging rights to boot.

All specific information will be released on May 1st, 2009, but go ahead and get to thinking about things, and make sure you’re registered with our site.  You must be registered with Woods Monkey to both enter a submission and to vote during the final phase.  Thanks for stopping by, and have a great month!


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