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The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide

All of sudden you find yourself turned around in the forest. You are off the trail and back tracking to figure out where you went wrong, yet everything and nothing looks familiar. Night is closing in and your heart begins to race. This was suppose be a day trip, you are not prepared to spend a night alone in the woods. Or are you? The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide written by accomplished outdoorsman and search and rescue team leader J. Wayne Fears is designed to get you home safe.

    This is not a guide to living off the land, this is a guide for short term survival only, and in my opinion a good one. I have trained in wilderness survival and I am pretty comfortable with my ability to survive a couple of unplanned nights in the woods. The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide has much of the information that I learned through out the years, but also gives me details on what the search and rescue teams that will be looking for me are doing and searching for. Having this guide on my person will refresh my memory, inform me of things I did not know, and aid me in getting out of my survival situation safely.  For the novice outdoorsman this book will be a wealth of knowledge. It does not substitute training, and the writer himself is adamant about training and practicing the survival skills in this book before you need them.

posg5 J. Wayne Fears writes this book not with the idea that it will sit on a shelf when we are finished reading it, but be placed in our daypacks instead. I know it says “The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide” on the cover, but at six and three quarter inches tall, four and a half inches wide, and a little over a half inch thick, it is a little too big for any of my pockets. However it fits perfectly in my daypack with out taking up too much room. The one hundred and twenty five pages are full of good accurate information, diagrams, and pictures that will definitely help you get out of your short term wilderness survival situation safely. The author also leaves fifteen pages for the reader to leave notes on. This survival guide is well written, and very well organized. The book is broken down into sections. Each section is easily found in the table of contents making it possible to flip to the pages that will help you out of your immediate scenario quickly; be it finding shelter or fleeing hordes of mosquitos.


There are no crazy tactics listed in this book. Instead The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide covers everything you need to know from planning and preparing for your trip, to avoiding hypothermia and signaling that aircraft that may be looking for you. This book has great suggestions on items for your personal survival kit and how to use them. The writer goes into detail about the priorities of a short term survival and how important the will to survive is.  

posg7Many survival guides and books leave me with a feeling that the woods are my enemy and I must conquer the forest to get out. However J. Wayne Fears writes this book in more of a calming manner. After reading the book it makes me feel that if I took the correct steps in planning my trip and left my trip plan with a responsible person; then I will be rescued.  So instead of panicking about my unplanned night or two in the woods, I will take the information in this Guide, set up my rescue signals, make my survival camp as comfortable as possible, and enjoy my adventure while I wait for rescue.

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