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The Vapor Pro Black Ops iPhone Case

Being an iPhone fanatic, I usually get a call from friends telling me about the crazy cutting edge things they find for the iPhone. The call I never expected was from the Monkey! They called and said they had a Black Ops iPhone case and they wanted my opinion on it. My first chance to write for Woods Monkey and an iPhone case review, that’s a no brainer.


My first impressions of the Vapor Pro Black Ops Case for the iPhone 4 by Element Case, was the amazing attention to detail. You can tell with just a cursory glace that there is a fair amount of machining that went into the aluminum pieces. The opposing corners are held together by two hex head cap screws that give you complete confidence the case is a tight as it can be and you can be confident that it will not be coming off with out tools. The details do not stop with the aluminum cage. The Ultrasuede® backing continues to the earpiece which enhances the user comfort while using the phone. Long conversations were not plagued by “swamp ear” as I like to call it. The screen guard was a thick scratch resistant material that still allowed effective contact with the touch screen. Game play was not affected in any way. I did notice that I would contact the outer frame during some battles in Blood and Glory. The ascetics of the Vapor Pro case are undeniable. It is quite simply a good-looking case. The Blacks Ops treatment of the Mil Spec non-glare satin finish is one of my favorite parts of the case. It has a very Apple-like feel to the design and execution. For an added level of protection, Element provides the Vapor Transit Kit which includes a zippered case, the screen protector mentioned earlier, and a speed wrench for those hex bolts. The Transit case was well padded without being bulky.

IMG_7086a IMG_7082a IMG_7087a

After some time with the case, I can tell you it is a great case. It is rugged. It and my iPhone survived a 5-foot drop onto a slate pool table. The Backing and earpiece weathered well being used and store in a pants pocket. Almost no dirt made it in between the aluminum case and the phone.

Although I really like this case I would not recommend to everyone. I think the $150.00 price tag, although warranted, will put it off the list of most people. The case does not protect the iPhone from dust and water as well as some of the other cases on the market. It was my go to case for the work week without a doubt. I noticed that phone reception was better with this case, thanks in part to polymer insert over the antenna. I also felt that the screws allowed me to change cases quickly and easily as long as I didn’t remove the screen protector.

IMG_7099a IMG_7101a IMG_7079a

In short a great everyday case but for my uses, I would opt for more sealed protection in the woods.


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