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TNE Manufacturing Bags and Pouches

When I was asked to review a few items from TNE Manufacturing I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with them. I’m sorry for that now.  The conversation with my editor was pretty simple.  He said they were a nearly local manufacturer of bags and tactical gear.  I like supporting local I thought, and always buy American over foreign.  So I was pretty much sold from the get go.  When I went to their website I saw they did indeed offer multi use bags, shooting style bags CCW quick deploy bags and purses, weapon magazine rigs, and what they term as goat gear.


I am glad that they did not send me any goat gear to test.  Since I neither have, nor have the means to borrow a goat for testing.  I still think it is cool.  A friend of Woods Monkey, Dave Canterbury uses a pack goat and he raves about the little beast.  Offered for review instead were three items:  An “Essential Bag” in black, a “Grab-N-Go” bag, and a “Tactical Ammo Pouch”.

By way of offering an overview I will plagiarize the homepage of their website a little.

“TNE Manufacturing, located near Rupert, West Virginia, USA, is a manufacturer of high-quality and unique tactical gear for civilian, military and law enforcement use. We have a wide range of bullet-resistant bags; carry bags, tactical gear, holsters, magazine and ammo holders and more. We also are expanding into products for livestock. We have very high quality standards, and stand behind our products.”

Just looking at their products on the website does not do them justice.  The construction of the items is really tough.  I don’t know what the actual material is but I’m saying Cordura nylon.  The stitching is tight and the trim work is good too.  The bulk of the items offered on the website are available with Kevlar panels added and the pricing is right there and they also perform custom work.  Everything they offer is available in numerous colors as well as a few camouflage patterns.  Now, on to the individual reviews.

IMG_4382a IMG_4417a

First up we will look at the “Essential Bag”.  This bag is an all-purpose bag intended to be multi-functional to the extreme.  It has a reinforced plastic bottom so it will stand up well and stay open to load.  For the bulk of my testing of this item I used it at the range, threw my laptop in it, and used it in place of my usual backpack to tote around my possibles.  I thought the construction was spot on.  The stitching is even and finished nicely and the zippers are good quality.  To me, and I don’t know why, zippers make or break a bag.  If I’m fumbling around reaching over the back seat when the zombies attack I do not want the last thought in my mind to be a lament about “I should have sprung for better zippers”.  The zipper goes over center on one side too so the bag actually opens wider than if just one face was unzipped.    This bag has two outside pockets and two inside pocket not counting the actual interior space.  One side is snap closure while the other side is a sleeve top with no closure.  Handles are also dual purpose, one set of short handles and one set long enough to throw it over your shoulder.  All the handles are mil-spec webbing.  Naming it the Essential Bag might have been a mistake because you can for dang sure carry more than just the essentials.  All in all this is a great no frills all around bag.  The fact that it is not purpose built for a specific function I was kind of thinking would be a detriment but really it lends itself to more situations this way.  This bag goes for $35 in solid colors and for camouflage patterns add 10%.
IMG_4421a IMG_4424a


Next up for review is the “Grab-N-Go” bag.  I am sincerely impressed with this bag if for no other reason the thought that went into it.  This bag’s intent is to ferry loads in and out of a vehicle.  I used it in this capacity as my get home bag and it worked great.  The single biggest thing I liked about it was the unique application of a broad strip of hook Velcro down the face of the bag.  My truck has flip up rear seats so I could hook it on under the seat and it kept it from rolling around or sliding out from under the seat.  Once the seat flipped up all your equipment was right there ready to go.  Or you could just tug it free and sling it over your shoulder on the dual shoulder straps to use it as a back pack.  Literally grab-n-go.  The construction was just as good as the other bag.  It has the same mil-spec webbing and solid closures.  The pocket layout on this one is pretty cool too.  There is a large full length sleeve pocket that did well with a hydration bladder, laptop, tablet, or portfolio.  Inside is super roomy, it measures eighteen inches by eleven inches by six inches outside but I’ve had it stuffed to the gills and it didn’t faze the zipper.  Just like the previous bag this zipper goes over center, basically two full edges unzip so you can really get in there and move stuff around.  The interior pockets are great for organizing your ruck; they are nearly as large as the bag too.  Exterior quick access pockets are on the bag as well so your flashlight, water bottle, or other gear you would rather not dig for is right at hand.  There is also a top carry handle to round out the many cool features this bag offers.  Price for the bag is $50 and the same +10% for camouflage patterns carries.
IMG_4368a IMG_4431a
That is it for the bags now we will look at the tactical side of things.  This item is the “Tactical Ammo Pouch”.  Capable of serving as an every gun platform, the piece has two dedicated pistol magazine pouches.  These have Kydex pieces in the base so there is compression retention even without the Velcro closures secured.  I tested it with high capacity Glock, XD, and Sig magazines and it performed well with each one.  The kydex is a little stiff when new but was still easy enough to get a magazine started into the pouch.  The other two pockets are larger and are designed to carry two rifle magazines each, totaling four.  I use Magpul PMAG magazines with my AR so that is what I tried.  Two fit in each pocket just fine, the retention strap fit perfect too.  This platform can also be used as a mixed rig, with the addition of the shotgun cartridge sleeve, which holds sixteen shotgun rounds.  These shotgun sleeves go for $11.00 each.  This presents a multitude of options.  Two pistol magazines, and either four rifle magazines, two rifle magazine and a sixteen round shotgun sleeve, or two shotgun sleeves for a total of thirty two rounds.  A formidable amount of fire power packed into a small package.  The rig is designed to be carried in multiple ways as well.  A shoulder sling long enough for even the tallest of frames or three heavy duty belt loops.  All of these are made from mil-spec webbing.  There is also a thigh strap that snugs everything in for a secure location every time.  I tried it out both with the belt loops and the shoulder sling.  I like the shoulder sling for going over bulky coats since my testing phase was in the midst of winter.  Plus, the shoulder sling affords the rig a bit of drop leg functionality.  I would suggest making a third option available with elongated belt loops and a dual thigh strap for a more true to form drop leg set up.  Though I say this with no detraction from the function of the rig in the current fashion, it is a very functional piece of hardware.  Each mag pouch is fitted with a grommet bottom for drainage in the event of some wet work.  Also like TNE Manufacturing’s entire line the rig is available in numerous solid colors and camouflage for the ten percent additional fee.  This rig is priced at $42.95 and is available in right or left handed set up.
IMG_4359a IMG_4383a IMG_4363a
All in all I like their offerings very much.  These items are tough rugged articles that will surely prove themselves in utility and longevity.  I have spied a few items on their website that I think I will have to order.  Go check them out.  As I stated before they are an American manufacturer and we should all be doing our part to support the small business owners, but more than that they are offering a quality product at a reasonable price.  Next time you have need of a new bag or rig for the range maybe you should check out TNE Manufacturing. I’m sure glad I had the chance.


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