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We Have A Winner!


woodsmonkeyico85x85Well, folks, it’s that time.  We got all the votes tabulated from existing registered Woods Monkey members for our Perfect Survival Kit Contest that we ran during the month of June.  First, we’d like to thank everyone that participated by sending in their article submissions, and everyone that took the time to vote for their favorite finalist.  As mentioned before, the winner will receive a custom Charles May custom OSK-1 knife in S30V with natural canvas micarta handle slabs.  Scott’s Knots will be giving the winner a custom lanyard and a survival bracelet as well.  Both of these guys do great work in their repsective fields and you out to check out your wares to see if they’ve got something that will work for you as well!

Also, I would like to mention that this was not a run away contest.  After the votes were counted, it came down to a very narrow margin that determined the winner.  So, without any more hem-hawing around, the winner is…………….Don Logar, self-proclaimed American Bad Ass.  Congratulations Don for the win, and kudos to the other two finalists Jeff Mays and Kevin Renkavinsky because it was a very close contest.  Each kit had its up sides and its fans out there voting for it.  We have also enabled user registration again now that the contest is over.

Thanks, and have a great Independence Day!!

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