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Your Favorite Article Content


Updated 04/08/09!!  First, we want to thank everyone for visiting Woods Monkey and helping us grow during the past year.  We’re about three months away from our one year anniversary, and we’ve drawn a much larger audience than we anticipated, and we appreciate it.  One thing that we do want to do is keep our eye on the ball with regard to article content.  We try to watch the hits on different articles to see what’s popular, and we think we have a good idea.  However, we’d like to confirm our thoughts.

If you would, take a moment to vote in our poll to the right to let us know what your favorite type of article content is so we can keep providing what you’re looking for in a site.  If it goes crazy and just one thing keeps getting clicked, then we’ll have a good idea, and pull that item out of the poll.  It’s fairly easy to know what’s number 1 or 2, but it gets tricky trying to figure out what’s the third or fourth most popular content.  So, if you would, please help us out!

If you think voting in the poll just isn’t enough, feel free to jump over to the contact page and send us your thoughts and suggestions.  We’d appreciate any feedback!

We updated the poll to remove How-To Articles and Knife reviews.  Those are obviously the top two articles, and that’s what we suspected.  If you would, vote on your favorite content out of the other areas that are left over.

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